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Merge pull request #9588 from gradle/jjohannes/deprecate-compile/update-tests-and-samples

Reduce usage of compile/runtime configurations in tests and samples

Merge pull request #9609 from gradle/wolfs/faster-groovy/enable-compile-avoidance

Enable Groovy compilation avoidance

Disable failing instant execution perf tests temporarily

Cache instant-execution bean serialization schema

For another small boost in write performance.

Publish 5.5-20190604012149+0000

Merge pull request #9613 from gradle/bamboo/ie/perf-regression

Fix performance regression on instant-execution

Polish `TaskGraphCodec`

- Remove redundant visibility modifiers

Polish `DefaultInstantExecution` and `Codecs`

- Remove unused parameters

- Remove unused properties

- Rework method for clarity

Polish `ClasspathUtil`

Cache instant-execution type encoding strategy

For a boost in write performance.

Merge pull request #9537 from gradle/eskatos/ie/perf-test

Performance regression tests for instant execution on Java builds

Enable Groovy compilation avoidance

for the build.

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    • +1
Fix Groovy compilation avoidance link

in release notes.

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    • +1
Cache bean serialization constructor and schema when reading from instant-execution cache

This optimisation more than makes up for the time lost restoring the

dynamically registered properties.

Reduce memory usage for task classpath computation

By keeping a single set in memory during the whole computation.

Apply 'java-library' to more subprojects

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    • +5
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    • +3
Change RuleBindings#getByPath to use ArrayList instead

Revert "Use Identity-based HashSet in RuleBindings instead of LinkedList"

This reverts commit 8ceab233

Rework some serialization to write the state of `Test` task to the instant execution cache.

- Write transient fields (as we don't run the `readObject()` methods, and don't want to).

- Handle arrays

- Special case serialization for `TreeSet` and `LinkedHashSet`.

- Remove the special case serialization for `EnumMap` and just treat this as a bean for now.

Serialize enough `Test` task state to be able to run tests.

- Special case serialization for `HashSet` instances instead of `Set` instances, to allow other types that extend `Set`, such as `DomainObjectContainer` to be serialized as beans (for now).

- Special case serialization for `EnumMap` instances.

- Treat `BuildOperationExecutor` as a service.

Tweak the serialization to the instant execution cache to handle a property of type `Property<T>` with a convention mapping that returns `T`.

Use `DirectoryProperty.convention()` instead of convention mapping to set a convention for a test task's binary results directory.

Mark `Test.binResultsDir` as `@ReplacedBy` `binaryResultsDirectory`.

Publish 5.5-20190603010037+0000

Serialize listener broadcast services to/from the instant execution cache. These are used by the `Test` task.

Also serialize `TreeMap` and `LinkedHashMap` instances.

Merge pull request #9574 from gradle/bamboo/ie/task-inputs

Restore registered task inputs and outputs

Keep using HTTP for Groovy docs

Revert "Use HTTPS for links to groovy docs from Javadoc"

This reverts commit 35342c85e520ea81ccc307743a40c053c957b99e.

Revert "Temporarily remove dependency on Groovy docs"

This reverts commit 510b6977218ba0f5a9ee8dc1a5c563cbc1588428.

Use HTTPS for links to groovy docs from Javadoc