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Merge pull request #13757 from gradle/am/stack-overflow

Fix a stack overflow when a filtered mutable file collection is added to itself

Remove no longer needed `ReadContext.immediateMode` property

Replace `reentrant` codec by top-level trampoline

Hide `runToCompletion` behind `run(Write|Read)Operation`

This is the first step toward simplifying the underlying implementation.

Produce a shallower, smaller object graph when detecting a mutable file collection that has been added to itself, and when finalizing a mutable file collection that contains filtered file collections.

Merge pull request #13749 from gradle/bamboo/cc/hashset/i

Let configuration cache decode `HashSet` as `LinkedHashSet`

Fix a StackOverflowException when a filtered view of a mutable file collection is added to itself.

Add configuration cache demo gif to user manual and release notes

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Use isolated daemons only for All/Bin distribution test

Let configuration cache decode `HashSet` as `LinkedHashSet`

To preserve original iteration order.

Ignore some Java samples on Java 8

since they use the `--release` flag.

Fix FileSystemWatchingSettingsFinalizedBuildOperationIntegTest

Use isolated gradle user home for DistributionIntegrationSpec (#13747)

We found issues when BinDistributionIntegrationSpec and AllDistributionIntegrationSpec

connecting to same deamon because they have same version numbers.

This PR fixes by use isolated user home for each test.

Change order of highlighted features

Add snippet to release flag documentation

Issue #2510

Emit build operation progress events for configuration cache and file system watching build option values (#13743)

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Fix javadocs

Merge pull request #13742 from gradle/sg/66/eclipse-deprecations

Override methods deprecated in AbstractTask in DefaultTask to make Ec…

Merge pull request #13607 from gradle/cc/provider-zip

Introduce `ProviderFactory#zip`

Small tweak to parameter names

Co-authored-by: Sterling Greene <>

Incorporate feedback to release notes from Google Doc

- Fix compatibility matrix for Android and Groovy

- Fix incorrect link text for ArchiveOperations service

- Add release features

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Revert "Ignore AllDistributionIntegrationSpec to release nightly"

This reverts commit dd06458df7a6ae5e2df0116c58f93d69be93f2c5.

Fix deprecation warning failure

Add the rest of the methods from Task that are implemented by AbstractTask to DefaultTask

Override methods deprecated in AbstractTask in DefaultTask to make Eclipse happy

Eclipse will report methods from Task (but implemented in AbstractTask) as deprecated.

This wasn't the intention of deprecating AbstractTask.

IDEA doesn't treat the deprecation of AbstractTask in the same way.

Ignore AllDistributionIntegrationSpec to release nightly

Merge pull request #13739 from gradle/eskatos/cc/doc-refinements

Configuration cache documentation refinements

Merge pull request #13737 from gradle/bamboo/cc/polish/i

Favour `getOrElse('default')` over `orNull ?: 'default'`

Fix configuration cache exemplar tests after fixing the doc links in exceptions

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>