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More spiking to flesh out DSL and allow an outgoing component to be declared that is not backed by a configuration.

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spike a model for expressing the outputs of a project in a more structured way than attaching attributes to a `Configuraton`.

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Mention new tapi progress events in the release notes.

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Removed version constraint on tapi int test, use the default instead.

Added `@since`.

Restored `InternalTaskExecutionListener` type. This will be retired later, replaced by a build operation listener of some kind.

Consider target attributes when caching transformation results

The in memory caching, which is done temporarily during filtering, needs

to consider that one input file can produce different output files

and thus needs to run `transform()` multiple times for multiple



Temporarily ignore flaky test

Flaky test: gradle/gradle-private#603

Mention contributor in release notes

+review REVIEW-6389

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Add source for multiproject userguide (#915)

Enable ktsManyProjects benchmark on latest nightly

See gradle/gradle-script-kotlin#184

Update wrapper to nightly

We want to invalidate all the caches for buildSrc

to make sure that we create the same class files

for all our builds there.

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Remove redundant casts

Adjust test to change in transform API

Fix ArtifactTransformerTest

- Extracted code out of ArtifactTransformer to assist with unit testability

Support equals/hashcode for AttributesContainer

This is required to make unit testing less painful, so that parameters can be successfully matched.

Move instantiation of ArtifactTransform into ArtifactTransformer

By separating the registration of transforms from their instantiation, we move closer

to allowing parallel/out-of-process artifact transformations.

Move artifact transform implementation into separate package

Rename `AttributeTransformTargetRegistry` -> `ArtifactTransformTargets`

Fix tests for changed `ArtifactTransform` API

The new `ArtifactTransform` API allows arbitrary attribute mapping,

but makes it a bit more difficult to code a transform that only cares

about the core 'type' attribute. This commit adds an

`ArtifactTypeTransform` subtype that only deals with the 'artifactType'

attribute, and updates the various AAR* integration tests to the new


@Incubating for `org.gradle.api.artifacts.transform`

Remove some stale TODOs

Fixes for running TAPI int test against Gradle 2.5.

Use fewer parallel builds for int test.

Fixed output scraping test fixture for changes to buildSrc task display names.

Fixes to tracking of parent build for builds started using `GradleBuild` task, when multiple `GradleBuild` tasks are running concurrently.

Fixed version range on tapi int test.

Check that parent build operation always spans the execution of child operations, so that the parent must always begin before and end after all child operations.

Changed testkit to ignore test execution events for `buildSrc` nested builds.

Some tweaks to display names in tapi build progress events from nested builds.