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Add some diagnostics.

Use full name for IntelliJ IDEA

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vv/update-gradle-api-release-note-wording' into release

* origin/vv/update-gradle-api-release-note-wording:

Improve wording in gradleApi sources release note

Merge pull request #12021 from gradle/bamboo/master/ie/gradle-property-provider

Introduce `providers.gradleProperty(propertyNameOrProvider)`

Add doc to `GradleProperties.mergeProperties`

Remove no longer used methods from `IGradlePropertiesLoader`

And expose only immutable maps from `GradleProperties`.

Improve wording in gradleApi sources release note

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Remove limitation on snapshot signing

Now that there is no more attempt to tweak the content of the Gradle

Module Metadata file, there is no reason to prevent signing of Maven


Fixes #12070

Revert having unique timestamp inside metadata

The attempt at having the unique timestamp inside the metadata file is

busted as it has too many issues and corner cases.

Instead we leave the -SNAPSHOT in there and let Gradle handle the

finding of the file at resolution time.

Issue #12070

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/62/bump-smoke-tests' into release

* origin/sg/62/bump-smoke-tests:

Make asciidoc smoke test work with both 2.x and 3.x plugins

Update smoke test versions

Make asciidoc smoke test work with both 2.x and 3.x plugins

Recognize contributor

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Add placeholder for 6.2 upgrade guide section

Update smoke test versions

Update "State of support in popular annotation processors"

Updated with more accurate information regarding Butterknife, Dagger, Room, Lifecycle, Epoxy

Signed-off-by: Colton Idle

Message the release notes for source attachment

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vv/gradle-api-sources-release-notes' into release

* origin/vv/gradle-api-sources-release-notes:

Update Gradle source for plugin devs in IDEs release note

Add gradleApi() source attachment to release features

Add a note about gradleApi sources attachment in Eclipse

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Merge pull request #12051 from gradle/vv/up-to-date-checks-deprecation-docs

Add user guide link for up-to-date checking deprecations

DRY `ToolingApiPropertiesLoaderCrossVersionSpec`

Replace map copy by cast

Preserve binary compatibility of `IGradlePropertiesLoader`

Fix ktlint

Replace usages of `IGradlePropertiesLoader` by `GradleProperties`

Expose taskgraph details in build operations (#12019)

* exposing task execution plan details via build ops

* handle tasks depending on artifact transforms dependending on tasks

* marked used classes with as used by scan plugin

* introduce CalculateTaskGraphBuildOperationType.TaskIdentity interface

* move PlannedTask to CalculateTaskGraphBuildOperationType.PlannedTask

* handle multiple transformations in task dependencies

Improve Maven snapshot test coverage

Rework test to make sure it exercises the different cases with and

without Gradle Module Metadata.

Fixes #11710

Fix module metadata for Maven snapshot

In the context of Maven snapshots, the name of the artifact is the GAV

without replacing the -SNAPSHOT, while the file is indeed the unique

timestamped version.

Do not attempt to do a selection if no selector is available (#12055)

Add unit tests for the two stage caches

Remove unused import

Remove `@ToBeImplemented` from fixed test