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Merge branch 'pr/12662'

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Merge branch 'pr/12726'

Merge pull request #12705 from gradle/bmuskalla/addJacocoTaskSample

Add sample for multi-project jacoco reports using tasks

Add release notes and fix review items

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Reword explanation for task dependency

Revert changes to wrong sample

Fix dependency verification data

sbinary entry needed to be updated.

Remove wrong sentence from readme

Skip test task to verify that the sample dependency works

Update output as the root project is does not have the java plugin anymore

Fix readme

Rework groovy sample to split eager/lazy parts

Rework kotlin sample to split eager/lazy parts

Merge branch 'pr/12719'

Minor tweaks on the documentation fixes

Add some unit test coverage for preparing a Provider value for serialization to the instant execution cache.

Add support for Java modules in Eclipse dependencies (#12694)

The Java module detection service is used to set the 'module=true'

attribute on Eclipse classpath entries that represent Java modules.

This will give use a similar behavior to Gradle's compile task

in Eclipse.

Merge pull request #12715 from gradle/jjohannes/jpms/samples

Add samples for building Java Modules

Rebaseline JavaUpToDatePerformanceTest

Update zinc to 1.3.5

There are lots of improvements, but I'm particularly interested in:

It makes it possible to use `--release 8` with the scala compiler without errors, which

removes the possibility of runtime errors when users compile with a newer JDK.


Signed-off-by: Ismael Juma <>

Fix wiring a task property that has been deserialized from the instant execution cache to a worker API action parameter.

Publish 6.3-20200405230016+0000

Rebaseline `JavaInstantExecutionPerformanceTest`

After adding Groovy scripts to the instant execution cache fingerprint.

Publish 6.3-20200404230034+0000

Merge pull request #12347 from SUPERCILEX/patch-2

Fix VersionNumber Kotlin interop incompatibility

Merge pull request #12708 from gradle/bamboo/master/ie/fingerprint/groovy-scripts

Invalidate instant execution cache upon changes to Groovy scripts

Mark VersionNumberIntegrationTest @ToBeFixedForInstantExecution

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Merge branch 'master' into patch-2

Let `FasterIncrementalAndroidBuildsPerformanceTest` not fail on instant execution problems