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Merge pull request #12335 from gradle/lptr/vfs/bump-native-platform/rework-api

Bump native-platform, start and stop watching individual paths

Ignore ContinuousBuildCancellationCrossVersionSpec for now

Ignore VFS retention soak test

until it is fixed.

Make test pass when assumption fails

When assumption fails, we got


Expected exception of type 'org.gradle.api.UncheckedIOException', but got 'org.junit.AssumptionViolatedException'


Treat it as success.

Increase timeout for ContinuousBuildToolingApiSpecification

Looking at the log, it seems that ContinuousBuildToolingApiSpecification

somehow takes longer than before and starts failing. Increase timeout for now.

Remove verification for retry-plugin 1.1.1/1.1.2

Dogfood test-retry-plugin (#12129)

This closes

So we can have the flakiness data in build scan.

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Fix User limit of inotify watches reached on Travis CI

and move docs:docsTest to later stage because it causes

problems on Travis CI.

Use mvnw and Maven 3.6.3 (#12336)

So we can have unified Maven version.

Also fixed the issues when upgrading Maven.

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Fix deserialization of `Directory` instances from the instant execution cache so that they use the correct base directory to resolve files and directories.

Do not include the Kotlin DSL source files in the implementation Jar files.

Publish 6.2.1-20200226000032+0000

Merge pull request #12327 from gradle/vv/custom-plugin-snippet

Fix customPlugin snippet and enable its test

Deprecate remaining old DeprecationLogger method/class

Merge pull request #12326 from gradle/vv/update-plugins-dsl-userguide

Update plugins DSL user guide

Merge pull request #12340 from gradle/vv/prep-groovy-2-5-10

Add NotYetImplementedASTTransformation to disallowed Groovy compiler classloader classes

Lower the required free disc space limit on EC2 warmup build

Add NotYetImplementedASTTransformation to disallowed Groovy compiler classloader classes

Upgrade AGP to 3.6.0 GA

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Enable build scans for EC2 warmup build

Upgrade wrapper to latest nightly

To get the HTML dependency verification report in case of issues.

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Add back wrongfully removed library

Bump to master snapsoht of native-platform

Fix `gradleDocumentation` configuration setup

This configuration should not be resolvable.

Merge pull request #12330 from izeye/polish-20200225

Polish Java plugin doc

Recognize contributor

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Merge branch 'master' into vv/custom-plugin-snippet

Merge branch 'master' into vv/update-plugins-dsl-userguide

Update plugins documentation

Polish Java plugin doc

Signed-off-by: Johnny Lim <>