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Merge pull request #13113 from gradle/am/ie/transform-fixes

Improve performance of plugin instrumentation

Merge pull request #13101 from gradle/wolfs/vfs/test-removing-build

Clarify ordering of FileTree

This commit adds documentation around the fact that a FileTree has an

ordering which not stable.

Fixes #13105

Fix message in NonHierarchicalFileWatcherUpdater

We are actually watching directories and not


Revert "Migrate build to JUnit5 Vintage engine (#12952)"

This reverts commit a6e7d8611359861f3163901e297b626318ab76d5.

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Revert "Fallback to JUnit if include patterns are present"

This reverts commit 0e833708d7b7090fb533306ca26d3f1444558b44.

Fallback to JUnit if include patterns are present

There's a known limitation that Spock @Unroll tests don't work with

JUnit platform filters. We fallback to JUnit executer upon this case.

update footer to link to status page

Publish 6.4-20200513013002+0000

Generate jars into a temporary file in the destination directory, rather than into a file in the tmp directory, to avoid consuming a lot of tmp space when transforming a very large plugin classpath.

Do not lock jars cache when transforming an empty classpath.

Apply instrumentation to each entry in a plugin classpath in parallel.

Merge pull request #13099 from gradle/bamboo/ie/task-execution-order

Let instant execution preserve the order of execution of finalizer dependencies

Merge pull request #13097 from gradle/vv/do-not-use-system-console-in-signing-snippet

Do not use System.console in signing documentation snippet

Merge pull request #13098 from gradle/vv/cleanup-pgp-signatory-factory

Remove unthrown exception declarations and unneeded string escapes

Merge pull request #13088 from gradle/vv/publishing-cleanup

Clean up maven publishing module

Merge pull request #13087 from gradle/bamboo/master/kotlin-dsl/reduce-lock-scope

Reduce scope of `withSystemProperty` lock around the Kotlin compiler

Recognize contributor

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Merge pull request #13086 from hepin1989/patch-1

Add `Building Scala Libraries`.

Polish `InstantExecutionParallelTaskExecutionIntegrationTest`

- Make use of `--parallel` more precise, it is required for the vintage build

but not for the instant execution build.

- Expect state to be stored / loaded at the right times.

Add more coverage for parallel execution of finalizer dependencies

Reenable test.

Polish `InstantExecutionParallelTaskExecutionIntegrationTest`

Use task API for consistency with the other tests.

Polish `WorkNodeCodec`

- Compose method

Remove redundant instant execution test

The same scenario is already covered by


Rebaseline `JavaInstantExecutionPerformanceTest`

After the latest changes to store more details about the task graph.

Format `InstantExecutionParallelTaskExecutionIntegrationTest`

Format ``

Let instant execution preserve the order of execution of finalizer dependencies

By remembering which nodes were entry nodes.

Add test for removing the build dir