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Merge pull request #12624 from gradle/bamboo/master/ie/introduce-InstantExecutionCacheFingerprintController

Improve instant execution cache fingerprinting for `buildSrc`

Let `InstantExecutionCacheFingerprintController` decide which file collection fingerprinter

Add modular classpath handling to Java plugin extension (#12642)

Polish `InstantExecutionCacheFingerprintController`

- remove unnecessary `inner` modifier

- throw exceptions with an easily recognisable message

- better names

Rename `InstantExecution{FingerprintChecker => CacheFingerprintChecker}`

For consistency.

Merge branch 'master' into bamboo/master/ie/introduce-InstantExecutionCacheFingerprintController

Reformat `DefaultClasspathFingerprinter` constructor

- Make the structure more apparent by aligning open and close parentheses

Add `@Nullable` to `ResourceSnapshotterCacheService.hashFile`

Replace anonymous class by lambda in `ClasspathFingerprintingStrategy`

Polish `InstantExecutionCacheFingerprintController`

- Model writing state transitions explicitly

- Choose better names

Merge pull request #12626 from gradle/bmuskalla/jacocoHelpDependencies

Clarify dependencies between tests and code coverage

Merge pull request #12632 from gradle/jjohannes/jpms/start-script-task

Module path support in generated start scripts

Merge branch 'master' into bamboo/master/ie/introduce-InstantExecutionCacheFingerprintController

Update subprojects/docs/src/docs/userguide/core-plugins/jacoco_plugin.adoc

Co-Authored-By: Jendrik Johannes <>

Rebaseline JavaInstantExecutionPerformanceTest


Use java.util.Collections

Fix a potential deadlock in the Worker API.

Publish 6.3-20200326000105+0000

Add test coverage for `CopySpec.expand()` and `filter()`.

Remove outdated warning about environment variables and testkit

Let only `InstantExecutionCacheFingerprintController` depend on Gradle services

Merge pull request #12610 from gradle/bamboo/master/kotlin/1.3.71

Upgrade embedded Kotlin version to 1.3.71

Support Java modules in Java application start scripts

Make start script generation depend on the actual classpath

We need to analyze the content of the classpath file collection to

decide which jars go on the module path and which go on the classpath.

Therefore the content is now an input again (and not only the names

of the jars).

This reverts the change in #1936 that removed the classpath content

as an input.

Move Kotlin 1.3.71 upgrade note to new `Updates to bundled Gradle dependencies` section

Add (non-)nullable annotations to org.gradle.jvm.application.scripts

Remove verification metadata for `org.gradle.kotlin:plugins:1.3.3`

As it's no longer necessary.

Polish invalidation reason message for buildSrc task input

Extract `InstantExecutionCacheFingerprint` sealed type hierarchy to a separate file

Use block syntax to align with kotlin example