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Temporarily ignore a specific property of an Android plugin class when writing to the instant execution cache.

This work around can be ignored once we are able to correctly write lambda instances to the cache.

Fix reading tasks implemented in Kotlin from the instant execution cache when the task has a property of type `Property` and has output file annotations attached.

Serialize references to `WorkerExecutor` to the instant execution cache.

Also serialize broken `Provider<T>` instances, in the same way that broken `FileCollection` instances are serialized. This is really just a work around, and we should instead offer ways to avoid writing these broken instances to the cache.

Fix typo.

Fix issue of worker build failing abnormally (#10249)

This fixes

Previously we only read the test class name from JUnit xml result. When the worker build fails prematurely, the JUnit xml result is not available. This PR fixes this issue by adding test class name to scenario list.

Publish 5.6-20190810230021+0000

Merge pull request #10247 from gradle/bamboo/6.0/SourceDistributionResolver

Make `SourceDistributionResolver` compatible with an yet to published major.0 version

Ignore flaky test while it's being fixed

Fix failed historical performance test (#10173)

There're 4 failed historical performance tests.

Two of them are because previously `enableFeaturePreview` was not correctly configured for old Gradle build. This PR fixes them with Gradle version check.

Two of them are because of [this change]( using a Gradle 4.6+ API.

Merge branch 'master' into bamboo/6.0/SourceDistributionResolver

Publish 5.6-20190809230646+0000

Make `SourceDistributionResolver` compatible with an yet to published major.0 version

Make snippet work in both Groovy and Kotlin DSL


Moved to gradle/.github repo so that it is shared between all public repositories


This commit fixes the flaky issue by using null-safety operator.


Very rarely the random groovy script name will contain `sun.` string.

Throw UnsupportedOperationException on GroovyCompile.compile() (#10231)

Since Groovy 5.6 we use compile(InputChanges) method instead.

Fix execution graph (#10196)

This fixes by refactoring javascript code. Previously the execution graph is rendered directly by `$.plot`, now it's using the `renderGraph` method so zoom-in/zoom-out are supported.

Fix flaky regex matching

Publish 5.6-20190808231706+0000

Merge pull request #10241 from gradle/sg/60/upgrades

Upgrade to Groovy 2.5.8

Merge pull request #10219 from gradle/bamboo/deprecations/getSchema

Remove deprecated `ExtensionContainer.getSchema()`

Merge pull request #10206 from gradle/bamboo/deprecations/StartParameter

Remove deprecated `StartParameter.isRecompileScripts` and family

Merge pull request #10205 from gradle/bamboo/deprecations/DefaultFileCollectionFactory

Remove deprecated `DefaultFileCollectionFactory` constructor

Add note about Groovy upgrade to upgrade guide

bump commit for Gradleception performance tests

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Update sha256 for groovy-all

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lorinc/groovy-upgrade-258'

* origin/lorinc/groovy-upgrade-258:

Upgrade to final Groovy 2.5.8

Make FingerprinterFixture#outputFingerprinter private

Upgrade Gradle-all to 1.3-2.5.8-SNAPSHOT

Merge pull request #10240 from gradle/gh/deprecations/source-directory-set

Remove deprecated constructors from DefaultSourceDirectorySet