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Publish 6.4.1-20200515004238+0000

Merge pull request #13132 from gradle/am/ie/docs

Add some placeholder user manual content for configuration caching

Merge pull request #13129 from gradle/bamboo/cc/transform/attributes

Move artifact transform related codecs to their own package

Use a service instead of recreating it.

Move artifact transform related codecs to their own package

Remove `@ToBeFixedForInstantExecution` from `TaskUpToDateIntegrationTest`

Remove `@ToBeFixedForInstantExecution(skip = FLAKY)` from `ArtifactTransformCachingIntegrationTest`

Publish 6.4.1-20200514173331+0000

Merge pull request #13109 from gradle/bamboo/ie/optimise/store/do-single-pass-over-scheduled-work

Optimize `WorkNodeCodec`

Merge pull request #13126 from gradle/wolfs/vfs/fix-npe-in-decorator

Fix race condition in DelegatingDiffCapturingUpdateFunctionDecorator

The errorHandler and the diffListener always

need to be stored and read together. If they

don't, this may cause race conditions when

changing the VFS.

See #13120

Avoid intermediate collections when writing successor node references

Enable plugin mirror for KotlinDslScriptsModelClient

Ignore stacktraces from Kotlin compiler (#13108)

Merge pull request #13114 from gradle/am/ie/test-fix

Reenable a test

Allow a configuration cache problem to include a reference to the user manual section that describes the problem. Use this for undeclared system property reads.

Add a placeholder chapter for the configuration cache.

Publish 6.4.1-20200514000238+0000

Serialize Java lambda `Action` implementations to the configuration cache.

This is implemented by tweaking the build logic bytecode as part of the buils logic instrumentation. This means that the serialization does not work for Gradle core plugin types as these are not instrumented. These will also be instrumented in a future change.

Remove a workaround from test, now that more task graph edges are captured.

Merge pull request #13113 from gradle/am/ie/transform-fixes

Improve performance of plugin instrumentation

Merge pull request #13101 from gradle/wolfs/vfs/test-removing-build

Clarify ordering of FileTree

This commit adds documentation around the fact that a FileTree has an

ordering which not stable.

Fixes #13105

Fix message in NonHierarchicalFileWatcherUpdater

We are actually watching directories and not


Revert "Migrate build to JUnit5 Vintage engine (#12952)"

This reverts commit a6e7d8611359861f3163901e297b626318ab76d5.

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Revert "Fallback to JUnit if include patterns are present"

This reverts commit 0e833708d7b7090fb533306ca26d3f1444558b44.

Optimize `WorkNodeCodec`

- Do a single pass over the scheduled nodes when writing

- Don't write the node ids

Fallback to JUnit if include patterns are present

There's a known limitation that Spock @Unroll tests don't work with

JUnit platform filters. We fallback to JUnit executer upon this case.

update footer to link to status page

Publish 6.4-20200513013002+0000