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Push the logic that figures out the tools classpath for the test JVM down from the build script and into the model object.

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Publish 6.0-20191108000102+0000

Some polishing of the build logic to locate the various JVMs used by the build.

- Apply the `AvailableJavaInstallationsPlugin` to all projects, rather than the root project.

- Add some modelling to the extension added by the plugin.

- Make sure the plugins that expect the extension to be present to explicitly state this (by applying the plugin).

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Rework the discovery and validation of the JVMs used for building, compiling and testing Gradle, so that the implementation is compatible with instant execution.

In particular, model the `AvailableJavaInstallations` as a 'build service', in part to dogfood this API. Also remove some logic that is no longer required.

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Tweak error message.

Upgrade to new nightly Gradle version.

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Ignore failing test for now

Apply enterprise plugin consistently to Santa Tracker smoke te… (#11260)

Apply enterprise plugin consistently to Santa Tracker smoke test, too

Tidy up applying the enterprisde plugin via the settings script

Fix CIConfigIntegrationTests

Gradle_Check_Instant_20_platformPlay is deferred to ready for nightly

increment the number of deffered jobs

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Rebase native clean build performance tests

Merge pull request #11211 from gradle/eskatos/ie/instantIntegTest-prepare-for-ci

Prepare CI pipeline to run integ tests with instant execution enabled

Merge pull request #11253 from gradle/eskatos/docs/testkit

Refine TestKit user manual chapter

Merge pull request #10999 from emmanuelguerin/fixRegisterFeature

Allow to use registerFeature when there is no main SourceSet

Rebase JavaFirstUsePerformanceTest

Rebase RichConsolePerformanceTest

Same as 79e87751

Fix santa tracker perf test by bumping the baseline

I also increased `minimumBaseVersion` to `6.0`, so that historical

tests don't fail. We should probably apply the correct build scan

plugin per version, but that requires more changes in the


Follow up for #11252

Recognize contributor

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Add integration test based on description of #10999

Add another (failing) test to clarify issues caused by #6567

Prefer InProcessGradleExecuter for faster feedback

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Apply enterprise plugin consistently to Santa Tracker smoke test, too

Apply enterprise plugin in a consistent way for smoke and perf… (#11252)

Apply enterprise plugin in a consistent way for smoke and performance tests

Co-authored-by: Stefan Wolf <>

Publish 6.0-20191107000041+0000

Ignore only next-gen samples

Revert "Temporarily ignore sample tests"

This reverts commit ee2ddc0c29758a4b9a16977afd552d18e4c0a18b.

Merge pull request #11255 from gradle/lacasseio/samples/fix-wrapper-jar

Update sample plugin version to 0.15.21

Temporarily ignore sample tests

Serialize build service providers to the instant execution cache as a spec that is used to recreate the service instance in subsequent builds.

Add a test runner that can run a test with instant execution enabled and disabled.

This is intended to be temporarily applied to tests for features that should work both with and without instant execution, and should be removed once there is some cross-cutting coverage for all integration tests.