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Merge pull request #13199 from gradle/vv/release-to-master

Merge release to master

Merge branch 'release' into vv/release-to-master

Recognize contributor

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Remove references to non-existent snippet samples

Merge pull request #13197 from oesolutions/fix-typo

Fix typo in --all option of outgoingVariants task.

Publish 6.5-20200521011747+0000

Increase Xmx for GradleConfigurabilityIntegrationSpec

It causes sporadical OOM.

Fix typo in --all option of outgoingVariants task.

Signed-off-by: Chris Doré <>

Merge pull request #13196 from gradle/am/ie/docs-III

Some usability improvements for configuration cache problem reporting

Fix merge problem.

Ignore tests temporarily

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bmuskalla/resolveRepositoryUrlEagerly' into release

* origin/bmuskalla/resolveRepositoryUrlEagerly:

Fix test for instant execution

Avoid resolving a repository url eagerly

First pass at draft for preamble

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Remove unused parts of release notes

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Merge branch 'release'

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Merge pull request #13192 from gradle/wolfs/vfs/document-file-watching

Document watch-fs in user manual (first stab)

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Merge pull request #13191 from gradle/wolfs/vfs/upgrade-native-platform

Merge branch 'release'

Update to native platform 0.22-milestone-3

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Merge pull request #13190 from gradle/bamboo/release/cc/fix-listener-leak

Fix listener leak in `InstantExecutionCacheFinterprintController`

Use fully qualified path to checkDeadInternalLinks

Fix listener leak in `InstantExecutionCacheFinterprintController`

Fix listener leak in `InstantExecutionCacheFinterprintController`

Detect special multicause exceptions

This commit fixes an issue where test reports and build scans didn't capture

all the causes of an exception, in case the "multi-cause" exception isn't

a type known of the daemon. By that, we mean a type which is not available

at runtime in the daemon process, but is used in the worker process.

Typically, the `org.opentest4j.MultipleFailuresError` type used by

JUnit is such an example: the type is used in a test process, but

not loaded in Gradle. In such cases, Gradle builds a placeholder

exception type which collects the root cause. But in case the

exception is actually collecting multiple causes like in this test

class, Gradle lost some information in the process.

Therefore, this commit introduces a heuristic to figure out if an

exception is collecting multiple causes instead of a single one.

The heuristic is kept very simple: one has to find a method which

name is either `getCauses` (like for Gradle's own default multi

cause exception) or `getFailures` (like in opentest4j), and it

has to return a collection of failures.

This will not fix all problems but it should capture a good amount

of them.

Fixes #9487

Fix sample tests (#13185)

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Address compiler warning in 'core' subproject (#13184)

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Merge pull request #13174 from gradle/vv/enable-publishing-credentials-sample

Re-enable publishing credentials sample

Revert "Ignore failing test for now"

This reverts commit 3c9617d39b6c10d617e5648c1090024aae750a40.

Merge branch 'release'