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Tweak error message.

Upgrade to idea-ext 0.7 (#11110)

Upgrade to idea-ext 0.7

Publish 6.0-20191022230249+0000

Add smoke test to verify deprecation warnings emitted by Santa… (#11077)

Add smoke test to verify deprecation warnings emitted by Santa Tracker

The test shouldn't leak file handles any more

Re-use Gradle user home services

Shutting down the daemon at the end of the test should be enough.

Publish 6.0-20191021230249+0000

Fix some deprecations

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Merge branch 'master'

Remove support from instant execution for convention mappings used with `Provider` typed properties.

Add properties on `Report` and subtypes to allow wiring using `Providers`. Specifically, add `Report.activated` to replace `enabled` and `outputLocation` to replace destination.

Change the Java base plugin to use these properties instead of convention mapping to attach conventions for the test report locations.

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Merge pull request #11096 from gradle/lacasseio/remove-samples-from-all-distribution-revisit

Remove samples from -all distribution

Publish 6.0-20191020230029+0000

Fix Smoke Tests that fail on Java 13

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Fix tests broken by refactor

Refactor performance baseline version selection (#11015)

Previously, performance test version selection is a little mess

and versions higher than minimumBaseVersion might be executed.

This commit refactors version selection code and ignore the historical

performance test if all versions don't meet minimumBaseVersion requirement.

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Run smoke tests on both minimum and maximum supported Java versions

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Publish 6.0-20191019230036+0000

Introduce GradleBuildInstantExecutionSmokeTest

simply running 'help' for now

also making smokeTest use a complete partial distribution

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Publish 6.0-20191018235224+0000

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Update to 6.0RC1

Update to 6.0RC1

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Publish 6.0-rc-1

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Make Zinc version constant public

Fix TAPI tests

Pin santaTracker to older version

Typo: signatures -> checksums

Fix TAPI test for Maven upload events

Fix unit test

Add tests to prove resiliency of SHA signature uploads

Fix signing test cases

Add support for sha256/sha512 to ivy publishing

Add sha-256 and sha-512 checksums to `maven-publish`

Update docs to say Scala 2.13 can be compiled

Add test coverage for Scala 2.13

Upgrade to Kotlin 1.3.50

Track input files in build scans

Do not clone twice from remote

Do not check out default branch

Simplify enabling the publishing of a build scan

Update results for AGP 3.6.0-beta01

Add results for AGP 3.5.0 with Kotlin 1.3.50

Kill all daemons after test

Mention deprecation in upgrade guide.

Add magic system property so testkit dir can be cleaned up

Use default homeDir for testKit

instead of a custom one.

Upgrade to idea-ext 0.7

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Pin every remote project to specific commit

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