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Publish build-cache-base as public library (#11950)

* Publish build-cache-base as a public library

* Narrow down dependency declarations

Remove dependencies to core projects that are not needed anymore and

move the ones that are acutal api dependencies to the api configuration.

After this build-cache-packaging does only depend on dependencies that

are themselves published making it possible to reuse it.

Part of

* Move some dependencies of :snapshots to api configuration

* Make :baseAnnotations an implementation dependency

Merge pull request #11938 from gradle/bamboo/master/ie/auto-applied-settings-plugins

Get `--scan` to work with instant execution again

Merge pull request #11936 from gradle/wolfs/docs/no-task-output-cache

Don't use `Task output caching` when talking about the build cache

Partially fix the `jar` task with instant execution when the project has no source files or resources.

In this change, generate a placeholder manifest file for the Jar if it does not exist so as to ensure that the Jar file is generated. This will be improved later, so that the correct manifest content is included in the Jar.

Adjust cross version test bucket

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Upgrade TeamCity DSL to 2019.2, kotlin to 1.3.61

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Split allVersionsCrossVersionTest and allVersionsMultiIntegTest

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Fix the `jar` task with instant execution when the classes output directory does not exist when writing the instant execution cache.

More generally, do not ignore input directories for archive tasks which did not exist when the instant execution cache was written.

Publish 6.1-20200120000037+0000

Fix ktlint

Automate build buckets generation

This commit automate the build buckets generation by using

historical build time data, so that we can have many evenly

distributed build buckets.

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Publish 6.1-20200119000039+0000

Merge pull request #11916 from gradle/bamboo/master/ie/dogfood-build-logic-inputs/iv

Compute `buildTimestamp` using a value source to capture the relevant build logic inputs

Get `--scan` to work with instant execution again

By making the `Settings` object initialization in instant execution more similar

to how it works in classic execution:

- instantiate `Settings` object during `SettingsPreparer` execution

- move `SettingsProcessor` execution to happen in the context of `SettingsPreparer`

- create a separate ClassLoaderScope for `Settings` so it can receive plugins

- always apply auto-applied plugin requests during `SettingsProcess` execution

This commit also removes the system property propagation hack as it's no longer


Merge pull request #11930 from gradle/vv/use-more-specific-deprecation-methods

Use more specific deprecation methods where applicable

Publish 6.1-20200118000320+0000

Add ignored test that reproduces a problem in cycle detection


Publish build-cache-packaging as public library (#11933)

Since published libraries can not depend on the distribution platform

versions for external dependencies have to be redeclared. See also #10861.

Some unnecessary dependencies have been removed.

Part of

Don't use `Task output caching` when talking about the build cache

The message whether the build cache is available mentions

task output caching, though that is never enabled. Only

the build cache can be enabled by e.g. `--build-cache`.


Improve performance of registering file watchers on Linux (#11893)

Improve performance of registering file watchers on Linux

Fix test

Mention contributor in release notes

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Merge pull request #11908 from rpalcolea/pathing-jar/osx-support

Fix: - support for Mac OSX

Add @CheckReturnValue to DeprecationMessageBuilder

Convert deprecation output comments to javadoc style

Make incubation and deprecation feature handlers final

Format code for better readability

Use `File` for mustWatchDirectories

So we avoid using a plain `String` as much as possible.

Merge branch 'master'

Use specific deprecateTask deprecation method in BasePlugin