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Push parallel execution of transforms down to the transformation step, so that this happens independently of whether the tranform is executed for a scheduled node or when visiting an `ArtifactCollection` or `FileCollection` contents.

Shuffle some transform logic around.

Remove Maven API usage from javadoc (#11742)

Previously we use -link in javadoc,

which failed the build upon network issues. This commit removes such usages.

Add support for key fingerprints

In order to provide maximum security, it's now possible to use full key

fingerprints, in addition to long (64-bit) key ids, in trusted or ignored


It doesn't matter what format is used: if a trusted key uses a long id,

then it's possible that if there's a key collision, an artifact would be

trusted even if it shouldn't. If a fingerprint is used instead, then we

would use the full fingerprint for verification.

It's worth nothing that PGP doesn't provide the full fingerprint in signatures

for the key issuer. This means that when we're going to download keys, we

will still use the long ids.

Fixes #11770

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Attach gradleApi() sources to IDE models (#11751)

Attach sources to gradleApi() and gradleTestKit() generated jars in the IDE models when -all distribution is used and sources are available.

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Publish 6.1-20191230002137+0000

Merge some logic used for executing a chained scheduled artifact transform node and the other places artifact transforms are executed.

An implication of this change is that when a scheduled transform produces multiple output files, then a consuming scheduled transform will transform those output files in parallel.

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Merge some logic used for executing an initial scheduled artifact transform node and for visiting transform outputs included in the contents of an `ArtifactCollection` or `FileCollection`.

Serialize the artifact metadata for an `ArtifactCollection` instance to the instant execution cache.

Rebaseline GradleInceptionPerformanceTest to make new feature work

Publish 6.1-20191229000050+0000

Fix the serialization of `ArtifactCollection` instances that contain the output of artifact transforms to the instant execution cache.

Use a similar strategy to that used to capture the contents of a `FileCollection` that contains the output of artifact transforms.

Fix accidental import deletion

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Rebaseline Gradle build performance test

There's a slight regression, almost unnoticeable but real, probably

related to signature verification.

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Publish 6.1-20191228044622+0000

Serialize the artifact dependencies for each artifact transform node to the instant execution cache, if the node requires them.

Do not fail when writing an artifact transform that takes the upstream dependencies of the artifact to the instant execution cache.

In this change, the result will be incorrect because an empty set of dependencies is passed to the transform action when it is loaded from the cache.

Serialize the parameters of an artifact transform to the instant execution cache, rather than attempting to isolate the parameters and then serializing the result.

This allows the parameters to include files and other inputs that may need to be built before they can be queried, for example when the output of some transform is used as an input parameter to another transform (which is something different to chaining of several transforms to produce an output). An implication of this change is that the artifact parameter isolation now happens every time the cache is reused, whereas previously the isolation happened once on write. This can be improved later.

Use an import instead of qualified names.

Publish 6.1-20191227000026+0000

Upgrade to JMH plugin 0.5.0

Add ignore key test coverage and bump wrapper

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Publish 6.1-20191226000043+0000

Ignore signature for j2objc

Publish 6.1-20191225000018+0000

Allow various Gradle services to be injected into artifact transform actions.

Add some test coverage that services are available for injection into various types of objects.

Improve wording of verification docs

Mention that the GPG file must be considered binary

Rework how the keyring file is written

For some reason the previous version is not always

fully re-readable...