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Change `BlockingHttpServer` to use the loopback IP address instead of `localhost` in the URLs that it generates, to avoid name resolution issues.

Publish 5.4-20190407010042+0000

Add some test coverage for `BlockingHttpServer`.

Merge pull request #7005 from gradle/lacasseio/kotlin/build-script-conversion

Convert more build script to Kotlin

Merge branch 'master' into lacasseio/kotlin/build-script-conversion

Polish `native.gradle.kts`

- Properly close output file writer

- Restore nullability semantics

Publish 5.4-20190406011811+0000

Fix `BlockingHttpServer.expectConcurrentAndBlock`

Merge pull request #8951 from gradle/eskatos/core/build-duration-ms

Let console report sub-second durations in milliseconds

Add :instantExecution subproject to CIBuildModel

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Fix test expectations for subsecond time reported in console

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Publish 5.4-20190405011248+0000

Report subsecond build duration in ms

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Publish 5.4-20190404090736+0000

Rerun distributed performance test in RERUNNER step (#8801)

After the improvement of automatically rerunning and tagging, we want to manage performance test in the same way:

- Only run each performance test scenario once.

- If it fails, `GRADLE_RERUNNER` will kick in and rerun the failed scenario. The good thing is that it might be scheduled to another build agent, which mitigates the effect of bad agent.

This PR does:

- Remove all `Retry` from performance tests.

- Add `GRADLE_RERUNNER` to performance tests and refactor some code.

- Add tests for `PerformanceTest`.

- Since `GRADLE_RERUNNER` depends on reading of test binary result, write binary test result file in `RerunableDistributedPerformanceTest`.

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Merge branch 'release'

Disable local cache in seed build (#8929)


We want to disable local cache for the seed build so we can always get remote cache hit/store to delay the cache eviction.

Deprecate using `File` as InputArtifact (#8935)

Only Provider<FileSystemLocation> should be used as input artifact going forward.

Publish 5.4-20190404011421+0000

Ignore HttpsRepoResolveIntegrationTest for now

We ran into when testing HTTPS with JDK 12.

Ignore it for now until the fix comes out.

Remove unused script

Polish subprojects/resources-http/resources-http.gradle.kts

Polish subprojects/resources-http/resources-http.gradle.kts

Polish subprojects/resources-gcs/resources-gcs.gradle.kts

Polish subprojects/resources-gcs/resources-gcs.gradle.kts

Polish subprojects/reporting/reporting.gradle.kts

Polish subprojects/publish/publish.gradle.kts

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Polish subprojects/plugin-use/plugin-use.gradle.kts

Polish subprojects/platform-play/platform-play.gradle.kts

Polish subprojects/platform-play/platform-play.gradle.kts