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Publish 5.6-20190730213615+0000

Merge pull request #10120 from gradle/wolfs/teamcity/fewer-forks-on-macos

Use fewer parallel forks on macOS

Make codenarc happy

Simplify map chain

Use fewer parallel forks on macOS

since the agents are not very powerful.

Refactor tests to eliminate flakiness

Merge pull request #10107 from gradle/lacasseio/pr-8366

Avoid changing the directory on macOS when using the start script

Rename file collection visitor type and visit method.

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Merge pull request #10050 from gradle/lacasseio/software-model/prevent-duplicated-tasks

Check for ModelMap duplicated element inside TaskContainer

Merge pull request #10096 from gradle/lptr/execution/better-names-for-execution-state-steps

Better names for execution state-related steps

Some refactoring of file collection visitor.

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Merge pull request #10057 from gradle/lptr/build-cache/remove-legacy-option

Remove legacy local build cache option

Merge pull request #10013 from gradle/lptr/execution/introduce-build-operations

Capture snapshotting time more precisely

Fix flaky test AbstractBasicGroupedTaskLoggingFunctionalTest (#10105)

This fixes

It seems like that we need to check every line separately.

Publish 5.6-20190729230502+0000

Move some more special casing of local file dependencies closer to the other code that handles these dependencies.

Change file collection `visitLeafCollections()` so that visitor receives a 'source' object and `Iterable<File>` that describes a file collection, instead of a `FileCollection` instance.

Change visiting of the outputs of artifact transforms so that an empty collection is visited when its 'spec' is requested by the visitor. The 'source' object can be used to carry details about the output variant to the instant execution serializer.

  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
Make test run with an isolated daemon to eliminate flakiness

Fix flakiness

Follow-up to 962af861a57

Merge branch 'master' into lptr/execution/introduce-build-operations

Refactor test to eliminate flakiness

Mention contributor in release note

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Fix flakiness introduced by #10088

Change wrapper version back to 5.7 nightly

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Merge pull request #10092 from gradle/wolfs/teamcity/update-to-2019_1

Update to Teamcity DSL 2019.1

Fix number of line to expect from start script

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

Update wrapper to 5.6-rc-1

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Update wrapper to 5.6-rc-1

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Publish 5.6-rc-1