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Update release notes to mention abstract service injection methods, managed properties and the new user manual chapter.

Also some release notes editing.

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Minor user manual edit.

Mention DependencyHandler : ExtensionAware in upgrade guide

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Clarify the use of new ObjectFactory methods

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Update wrapper to 5.5-rc-1

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Fix artifact transform link in release notes

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Some edits to the 'custom gradle types' user manual content.

Rebaseline buildSrc test

Update sample for 'managing collections of objects' user manual section.

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Merge pull request #9570 from gradle/gh/worker-api/groovy-regression

Don't use classloader registry in worker daemons

Move the 'managing collections of objects' content from 'custom plugins' to 'custom gradle types' user manual chapter.

Move classloader registry out of worker services as its no longer needed

Don't use the classloader registry in the worker daemon.

Instead, calculate whatever is necessary in the build process and

pass the information via the classloader structure.

Add Groovy, Java and Kotlin sample of creating an object using `ObjectFactory` to 'custom gradle types' user manual chapter.

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Moved the content about creating 'nested' DSL objects from the 'custom plugins' user manual chapter to the 'custom gradle types' chapter.

Fix incorrect `break` instead of `continue`

Improve warning message for mutable properties

Some user manual edits.

Add some detail of managed properties and types to the 'custom gradle types' user manual chapter.

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Merge pull request #9304 from gradle/gh/worker-api/daemon-classloader

Make worker daemon classloader match in-process isolated classloader

Flesh out the user guide samples for service injection, to show how this works from Java, Kotlin and Groovy.

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Move the details of service injection from the 'custom tasks' user manual chapter to the 'custom Gradle types' chapter, as this is a cross cutting feature.

Introduce a new user manual chapter to document features and concepts that are common to all custom Gradle types, such as service injection.

Fix checkstyle

Introduce HTTPS-supporting BlockingHttpsServer

- Fix WrapperHttpsIntegrationTest

Simplify the ActionExecutionSpec class hierarchy

Only recreate server when executor changes

Refactor classloader structure so it's less messy

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Update to latest nightly

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Add missing import for Google closure compiler