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Fix test to work with Gradle 6.5.1.

Publish 6.5.1-20200629230019+0000

Fix BuildScanEndOfBuildNotifierIntegrationTest for instant execution

Merge pull request #13618 from gradle/wolfs/vfs/show-in-build-scans

Use BuildActionRunner for file system watching bookkeeping

Merge branch 'release' into master

Address review comments

Fix failing logging tests

Fix failed Kotlin DSLs

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Merge pull request #13573 from 'gradle/wolfs/vfs/report-inotify-limits'

Give user information how to increase the inotify limits

Prepare for Gradle 6.5.1 release

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Improve file system watching docs

Use BuildActionRunner for fs watching initialization

and teardown. Instead of a listener.

This fixes two problems:

- Show the messages in build scans. gradle/gradle-private#3131

- Consistently enable/disable fs watching during

a single build. #13309

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Use diamond operator

Improve readability of LauncherServices

Merge pull request #13616 from gradle/am/cc/changing-deps

Add support for changing modules when the configuration cache is enabled

Update configuration cache chapter for changes to dependency resolution support.

Invalidate the configuration cache entry when cached information for any changing artifacts is due to expire.

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Merge pull request #13612 from gradle/eskatos/cc/init-tests

Review :buildInit tests for the configuration cache

Fix some typos in configuration cache doc

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Remove @ToBeFixed / Document remaining ones in :buildInit

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Merge pull request #13605 from gradle/eskatos/cc/fix-testng

Fix PlayTestPlugin now that Test.classpath has no convention mapping

Merge pull request #13589 from gradle/bamboo/cc/serialization/ii

Let configuration cache fail eagerly on `` types

Fix PlayTestPlugin now that Test.classpath has no convention mapping

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Revert "Temporarily ignore test to unblock master"

This reverts commit 507d8ea025d6f9aae6a5559f074525b487e66ab0.

Temporarily ignore test to unblock master

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Remove section about inotify instance limit

Probably not many users will be hitting this.

Log different messages at the end of the build

Talk about memory effects of inotify watches

Polish documentation

Use native platform snapshot from `master`

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