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Moved Action from core to baseServices.

Specify that FileAccess impls can throw FileIntegrityViolationException and made OnDemandFileAccess throw this if the file was not unlocked cleanly.

Removed some duplication around tailing the daemon log.

Made the tailing of the daemon log safe and added some coverage. It still has some overlap with the daemon client - will sort that out at some point soon.

Some refactoring - avoided some data duplication, some rename job.

Added very simple unit test coverage for the recent changes to the DaemonGreeter. Refactored it a bit to add testability.

Refactored and slightly improved the code around simple communication message that is sent from the starting daemon to the parent process via stream. It's very simple and should be good enough until we need something more robust (i.e. when we start passing the daemon address from the starting daemon).

Improved the error reporting the daemon presents. This helped me a lot earlier to hunt down the daemon issues. Details:

-When the daemon starts it sends back a message via standard stream to the parent process. Now this message also contains useful daemon diagnostics, specifically the daemon log file and pid. We can use this log file later in case some exception happens. Later on I will use those diagnostics in other places, too.

-Refactored the initialization of the parent process so that the spawning operation can return value. Therefore Factory interface is used.

-For now, we still loop through the all daemons in the daemon connector but I'm getting closer to get rid of it.

-This refactoring is a work in progress. It needs tidy-up. I needed to get this pushed to incrementally improve the daemon.

Change the scope of some methods from package-private to private.

As a fallback, look for gcc3 at /opt/gcc/3.4.6/g++ (which is where it is on the CI server)

Made the daemon close the streams when the daemon is fully operational. This is a first step to avoid dummy logic of looping through the addresses to find the daemon we have started ourselves. Tidied up the messages the daemon puts in the logs, earlier some message was reused for information and for the simple start-up protocol (i.e. the parent process waits for certain message in the output stream from the daemon).

Skip the CPP integ test if we need to manipulate the environment but can't (e.g. unknown OS)

Added a sanity test for concurrent writing to the daemon registry. I needed that earlier to eliminate some of the theories on the daemon issues.

Added some more trace.

Made the prepareVersionInfo task provide decent error if the network connection is out. Made it possible for this task to behave leniently in case someone runs with --offline (as Rene's use case).

Add build folder in sample directories to gitignore

GRADLE-2187 remove unused imports

GRADLE-2187: Add a more helpful error message to Jdk6Compiler when executed within a JRE and no JDK installed.

updated wrapper to use new rc-1 snapshot

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Use debug instead of warning level for these.

Merge branch 'release'

Fix for forked java compilation under java 5.

Added Jvm.isJava7Compatible().

Tweaked the idea project file generation to exclude java6 stuff if building with java 5.

Merge branch 'release'

Fix for java+groovy joint compilation under java 5.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

Fixes to improve stability of the daemon on windows (and improve the stability of tests, too). Details: -Parent process initialization (e.g. uninheriting handles for windows) needs to wait for the first spawned child daemon process to close its inputs/outputs. Without that, sometimes the child process were not quite detached in concurrent scenario. It is an awkward change but I didn't figure out a better way to solve this windows awkwardness. -Started measuring how long does it take to start off the daemon and placed this information in the logs. This improves debuggability as it gives very good hint on whether the spawned process was detached or not (detached process is started in few seconds max).

Updated link to plugins list (i.e. @ wiki)

Fix for diddling with the path for CPP integ tests on *nix OSs.