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Clean up SymbolHider code

Fix comments from pull request

Signed-off-by: Richard Newton <>

Revert "Use server mode"

This reverts commit 5be56387456fb6091705b95ee85d6a67f0592beb.

Publish 5.1-20190101000037+0000

Publish 5.1-20181231000026+0000

Re-baseline cold daemon performance test cases.

Use server mode

fix issue

Use client

Monitor more methods

Publish 5.1-20181230000022+0000

Support unexport main symbol on 32 bit Windows

Signed-off-by: Richard Newton <>

Enable CppUnitTestWithApplicationIntegrationTest for Windows

For gradle-native issue

Signed-off-by: Richard Newton <>

Record service time

Add counter

Fix multiproject

Monitory service time

Revert "More fine grained execution data"

This reverts commit da8b36e155a12d9439da356ce0ddd43fc88cf495.

More fine grained execution data

Add a mechanism to register injection annotations globally and use this to validate that annotations are not attached to types where they are not supported. For example, fail when `@Workspace` is attached to a task property getter.

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Publish 5.1-20181229000026+0000

Test task fails when current operating system is not targeted

Make assemble fail when nothing can be built

Implement a SymbolHider class to unexport main on Windows

For gradle-native Issue

Signed-off-by: Richard Newton <>

Enable jfr

Enable jfr

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Configure task to run

Simple runner

    • binary
Run mutate before each warmup

Mutate before warm up

Fix type issue