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Create plugin for shaded jar creation

Turn `org.gradle.api.artifacts.cache` into an internal package

These interfaces are not accessible from public API. Only through

the internal `ResolutionStrategyInternal.getResolutionRules()`.

Hence we remove them from the public API. This includes moving them

from `core-api` to `dependency-management`.


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Move component metadata rule into DependenciesMetadataRulesPlugin

The rule needs to be applied in all subprojects.

Remove code duplication

Replace client module with component metadata rule

Make JavaVersion support JDK 11 and JEP-223 (#4759)

Add JavaVersion.VERSION_11 and support JEP223

Exclude anonymous class in JUnit Platform (#4774)

This fixes

Previously we send anonymous class to JUnit Platform test worker, which caused some issues.

Now they're excluded by name pattern .*\$\d+

Remove remaining Java serialization from the initial build request message sent from the client to the daemon. There is now no Java serialization used between the client and daemon when running builds from the command-line. There is still some when using the Tooling API.

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Use Java serialization for less of the initial build request message that travels from the client to daemon.

Don't use Java serialization for the messages between the client and daemon that happen during a command-line build. Some Java serialization is used in a couple of places for the payload of these messages and for some of the messages that happen during a TAPI operation.

Don't use Java serialization for the initial 'build' command sent from the client to daemon. Some of the pieces of the build command (e.g. the `StartParameter`) are still serialized using Java serialization.

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Tasks that print output to the console hold it for as long as possible

Fix for Batch scripts not properly signalling a failure in a pipeline when using 'exit /b 1'. Instead generate a real failure that will cause the pipeline to behave correctly.

Signed-off-by: Jason Archer <>

Up long running task timeout to 30s

Merge pull request #4778 from gradle/lptr/build-cache/clean-up-task-property-utils

Clean up code around TaskPropertyUtils

Render welcome message + release features upon first invocation (#4766)

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Change console tests to require parallel execution only for specific tests

Fix test after fixture changes

Update user guide to reflect new plain console format

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Make vesion resolution tests more realistic

The first iteration of these tests provided a set of constraints in

a single project: this made it easy to resolve, as we had _all_ of the

constraints available when resolved any of them to a version.

The test has been updated to also use a chain of project dependencies to

bring in the constraints, forcing them to be resolved sequentially:

this exposes a couple of cases that are not supported by the current


Merge pull request #4747 from gradle/oehme/apt/incremental/fast-aggregating

Make aggregating annotation processors faster

Use u-test to determine performance regressions

Instead of an arbitrary threshold we now use the Mann-Whitney U test

to calculate how confident we can be in the results.

For now we'll require a 99% confidence before reporting a regression.

We can tweak that value based on whether we miss too many

regressions or report too many non-regressions.

Ensure console tests run with plain, rich and verbose modes

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Merge pull request #4763 from gradle/wolfs/kotlin-dsl/tooling-api

Convert tooling-api to kotlin dsl

Consider all 'reject' constraints in conflict resolution

A component can be selected by multiple dependencies, each of which

may bring version constraints. In conflict resolution, we attempt to

find the component with the highest version that also satisfies all

of the constraints for the module.

Previously, we were only considering one of the depenencies for each

component during conflict resolution, which meant we could incorrectly

choose a component version that should be rejected.

This change fixes #4608 by merging the reject constraints for all

incoming dependencies before using them in conflict resolution.

Bump cache layout format for #4765

The scope of each dependency management entry is cached.

Clean up code around TaskPropertyUtils

- Move single-use method to the only place it is called from

- Add Javadoc to property walking methods

Change module type of dependency-management project to CORE

Convert dependency management related subprojects to kotlin-dsl (#4498)

This PR also fixes the dependency declarations wrt. api/impl separation

for these and related projects.

It fixes two places in production/test code where dependencies

leaked into the classpath and the wrong classes where imported.

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Ignore scopes in <dependencyManagement> if used as BOM (#4775)

Fixes #4765