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Tweaks to model rule binding failure error message format.

+review REVIEW-5556

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Include failing performance test in 'Experiments'

Don't create multiple PlatformToolProviders for the same native platform

Add some broken tests for Play reload

+review REVIEW-5571

Consolidate example used in integration tests

+review REVIEW-5567

only handle TestOperationDescriptors in TestLauncher api

- change TestLauncher#withTests(OperationDescriptor...) to withTests(TestOperationDescriptor...)

- remove test and code for dealing with tasks

- update spec

+review REVIEW-5553

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Merge pull request #483 from sschuberth/checkstyle-typo-fix

CheckstyleReports: Fix a typo in docs

Remove unnecessary sample directory now that there is documentation for the new Java plugin

+review REVIEW-5567

remove unused class

+review REVIEW-5553

Merge branch 'release' of into release

move TestExecutionRequest to consumer package

- implement InternalTestExecutionRequest

- let InternalTestExecutionConnection#runTests accept InternalTestExecutionRequest

+review REVIEW-5553

Describe a problem with `gradle tasks` if we are not capable of resolving a task.

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Fix tests to properly run in IBM JVM.

+review REVIEW-5533

make calculation of taskpaths less brittle

+review REVIEW-5553

Made some changes to error messages from tooling api when using a feature that is not supported for the target Gradle version. Added some test coverage for attempting to use an unsupported feature.

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Revert some changes to dependency resolution that were cause of increased memory use

- Once again persist the artifact set id with the resolved configuration graph

- Don't retain a map of node ids -> artifact sets in memory

Added a candidate to the gradle 3.0 spec

Some javadocs

minor update on test launcher story

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Register JVM shutdown hook that kills test-kit daemons when test process exits.

+review REVIEW-5555

Adds an example rule binding error to the release notes

+review REVIEW-5556

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Cleanup and new test case.

+review REVIEW-5555

Add a note about the plugin to make it clear it is incubating

+review REVIEW-5567

Initial release notes for the new jvm-component incubating features

+review REVIEW-5567

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Re-enabled daemon isolation for test execution with the test-kit.

+review REVIEW-5555

Updated design spec for "Unmanaged property information is stored in model schema"

+review REVIEW-5566

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Add missing samples

+review REVIEW-5567

More docs for the new Java plugin: dependency management

+review REVIEW-5567

fix merge conflicts

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Merge branch 'release'