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Fixup tests

Rework range selection algorithm

This commit changes the handling of range intersection: instead of relying on restarting selection of nodes,

we now perform additional checks, when a version is encountered, to see if it is _compatible_ with an already

selected version.

Conflict resolution will kick in as last resort.

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Merge pull request #455 from JLLeitschuh/task/travis-jdk9

Add JDK 9 to travis build matrix

Fix indentation in fixtures build file

Fix test

Mention new validations in release notes

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Make runtime properties optional where required

Check that still works cross-version

Check for wrong input/output file types registered via runtime API

Do not fail when invalid runtime inputs and outputs are registered

We show a deprecation warning instead.

Check that runtime input validation works

Much nicer charts for performance update

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Deprecate chaining properly

Fix failed checkstyle check (#2971)

Disable test `given a plugin compiled against Kotlin one dot zero, it will run against the embedded Kotlin version` under JDK 9

Remove leftover debug switch

Fix class name

Fix NPE caused by mutated task actions

Deprecate TAPI consumer older than 3.0 (#2952)

For TAPI consumer older than 3.0, DefaultConnection will output

deprecation message to consumer stdout.

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Fix failing test

There is a bug we need to open against the jGit library. Until that's

fixed, this is a workaround.

Part of gradle/gradle-native#107

Move application of dependency substitution into its own class

This allows separating the concern of applying a rule, which is in the new class, from selection based on

the result of the application, which is in `DependencySubstitutionResolver`. This also allows us to reuse

the logic during optional dependency handling code (even if in practice, we don't cache the result of

application on a dependency, so for optional dependencies the rule may be applied at most twice on the

same object).

Merge pull request #2966 from gradle/eljobe/vcs-pull

Tests cover:

* Can populate a working directory that is a repo already.

* Populating a working directory that is a repo already pulls from the

remote from the spec.

* Can clone into an empty working directory that already exists.

* Cannot populate a non-reposioty working directory with a file in it.

* Cannot populate a non-reposioty working directory, even with a

`.git` subdirectory.

Part of gradle/gradle-native#107

Remove relic.

Extract some methods for comprehension.

Include the list of variants for a component in the generated Gradle metadata file included in a published Maven module.

Stop imposing total ordering on UsageContexts

This prevents other software apart from Java libraries

to be published. This will be an issue both for native

libraries as well as when we open up the SoftwareComponent

API for extension. Some users already experimented with the

internal interfaces and we at least don't want to break them

for no good reason.

Change version of parameterized models to 4.3

This commit modifies all the java docs and concerned files in previous


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Handle repository workingDir with other remote

Before this change, it the URL from the GitVersionConrolSpec might not

have matched the remote of the workingDir repository, and a pull

command would have been executed. But, the caller's intent would not

have been followed.

Code clean up for parameterized models

Refactorings and code clean up folloiwing commit "Introduce creation of

parameterized tooling models"

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Address review feedback

- change order of internal interfaces in BuildBuildSrcBuildOperationType

- make default result and details class static member of BuildSourceBuilder

+review REVIEW-6566