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Do not restore file dates when unpacking task outputs (#2667)

Fix failing tests

Add diagnostics for incorrect process exitValue in tests


Move `TrueTimeProvider` into `:internalTesting`

Removed `TimeProvider.getCurrentTimeForDuration()`

The `ReliableTimeProvider` now produces a ms timestamp that is usable

for durations, and `Timers.startTimer()` is best for calculating

relative times.

Remove new line

On CI redirect typesafe maven queries to local repo for integration tests

Improve error message for unexpected daemons

Add more context when failing test on too many daemons

There are a few tests that occasionally fail because more daemons

than expected were started. This will hopefully increase our chances

of finding the underlying problem.

Build cache: faster copy operations (#2665)

- Prevent unnecessary re-allocation of file buffers

- Use buffered streams when packing/unpacking cached results

Use exact number of workers needed to process tests

Expect exact number of calls

On CI redirect maven central queries to local repo for integration tests

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Use same test cases for multi-project scenario

Cleanup directories when sources become empty (#2611)

Cleanup directories when sources become empty and not only files.

- Improved performance for SkipEmptySourceFilesTaskExecuter

It is not necessary to resolve a FileCollection when checking if the

previous execution had output files.

Moreover, we now record the empty output files after we deleted them,

so the task has to do less work next time.

Condense test cases for better maintainability

Task output cache packaging benchmarks (#2694)

* Add JMH benchmark for task output packaging

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Bump the number of ports allocated to a test worker

Currently we don't have any mechanism to allocate additional ports

if the provided range is exhausted, and some tests are hitting this

limit (20).

By bumping the limit to 50, this will still permit up to 320

test workers to be started on a machine, scaled down if there

are multiple CI agents running on the machine.

Polishing `FixedAvailablePortAllocator`

Add TODO for refactoring the "change waiters" more

Periodically check if all of the running deployments have stopped on their own

Explicitly set the gate vs pulling it from GradleInternal's services

Refactor to use static inner class

Rename references to GateToken -> ExecutionGate

Add toString to DeploymentStatus

Simple deployment test

Ensure that multiple WIP lines are rendered

Use JCenter for better download speed

Touch cache entries for external resources when they are revalidated

Previously, the cache entry for an external resource retained it's original

timestamp, even after we had revalidated it against the source (ie. via HTTP HEAD).

This resulted in multiple HEAD revalidation requests being required, for a

cached resource that was requested multiple times in the same build.

This issue was made more apparent with the introduction of caching for

HTTP script plugins, but it had already been observed to affect the

caching of resources used by `ComponentMetadataSupplier`.

The fix supplied effectively 're-stores' the cache entry, forcing the

cache entry time to be updated.

Touch up `model-rules` sample

- Use extension members for a mixin feel and more concise code

- Add group and description to task