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Revert ":arrow_up: Kotlin 1.1.60 :tada:"

This reverts commit 6d12902b5c4794c2a088c0e01eb706d451fbc86a.

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Add dependency-check plugin to identify security vulnerabilities (#3436)

* Add dependency-check plugin to identify security vulnerabilities

* Use latest plugin version

* Hook task into sanity check

* Check vulnerabilities for all projects

* Make sure we fail the build upon a reasonable CVSS score

* Exclude configurations and projects

* Exclude one more project

* Remove from sanity check

Build execution takes too long. Will be part of Branch Build Accept.

* Use Set for better performance

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Make properties of CompileVersion NonNull

Mention vendor tracking in release notes

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Add support for testing for debuggability in native libraries

Mutualize code handling resolution from variant attributes in `DefaultDependencyMetadata`

Track vendor additional to version

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Merge pull request #3498 from gradle/oehme/performance/transforms

Make artifact transforms more efficient

Merge pull request #3502 from gradle/oehme/boms/conflict

Let empty version selectors match anything

Merge pull request #3500 from gradle/oehme/performance/android-sync

Decrease Android Sync memory usage

Published 4.4-20171117112816+0000

Add test coverage for `components.all` and `componentSelection.all`

Add release notes

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Add test for private inputs in superclass

This adds tests for to show what happens when a superclass declares a private


The tests test for the current behavior which will be changed for Gradle

5.0 or 6.0 hopefully. We do not want to detect input annotations on

private getters at all, since can be quite confusing as the tests show.

Add test for re-ordering snapshots

When the normalized path is the same (e.g. with PathSensivity.NONE),

we should take the actual file hashes into account to determine

if files have been modified or added.

Add `status` to Gradle module metadata

This commit adds attributes to top level component in Gradle metadata. Attributes are written to Gradle metadata files,

and when read, some attributes can be mapped to existing, legacy, properties of component metadata. This is the case

for the "status" property, which is now mapped to a component attribute when serializing, and mapped back to the "status"

property when reading.

This commit also introduces a test that makes sure that the status is actually read from the Gradle metadata file, by

totally ignoring the Ivy descriptor.

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Reworked searching for header files in the include path so that it creates less garbage.

Accepted a breaking change.

Reduce the path gymnastics in identifying configurations.

+review REVIEW-6571

Reduce the path gymnastics in identifying configurations.

+review REVIEW-6571

Reduced the number of times that the file system is queried during C/C++ header dependency analysis, by reusing the file snapshot infrastructure.

Fix test name.

+review REVIEW-6571

Fix test name.

+review REVIEW-6571

Accepted a breaking change.

Clarify version range in parent element of POM

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Moved parsing of C/C++ source files behind a build scoped service that takes care of caching in memory and on the file system. This change means that each source or header file is parsed once only, rather than once per depend and compile task.

Convert and consolidate tests for POM excludes

Rename to EndOnClosedInputStream

Draft Gradle 4.4 release notes preamble

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Replace ``` with indents for code blocks

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