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Convert `JsoupPlugin` to precompiled script plugin

Convert `PublishPublicLibrariesPlugin` to precompiled script plugin

Fix KDoc link

Convert `JmhPlugin` to precompiled script plugin

Polish `buildSrc/build.gradle.kts`

- Compose method

Polish use of final parameter in JavaPlugin when configuring JavaDoc

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/lazy/java'

* origin/sg/lazy/java:

Add a test to assert that we do not configure too many tasks with the Java plugin

Use createLater to create more tasks for Java plugins

Make Java plugins use lazy task APIs

Move most important point to the top (#5186)

Augment, don't overwrite, `kotlinOptions.freeCompilerArgs`

Plugins might want to add their options as well.

Polish `buildSrc/build.gradle.kts`

- Let it breath

Upgrade `buildSrc` to `kotlin-dsl` 0.17.2 and renable ktlint

Fix publishing after last wrapper update

by accounting for publishing {} not being @DeferredConfigurable anymore

and using afterEvaluate {} instead

Remove coordination service from task execution plan

The callers of methods on the execution plan need to take care of

proper synchronisation.

Publish :provider-spi and :provider-plugins

Add gradle-kotlin-dsl-provider-plugins module to optional extensions classpath

Fix NPE in RestartEveryNTestClassProcessor.stopNow() (#5145)

* Fix NPE in RestartEveryNTestClassProcessor.stopNow()

* Add test verifying RestartEveryNTestClassProcessor.stopNow() after stop() does nothing

Introduce empty :provider-spi and :provider-plugins projects

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Merge branch 'master'

Simplify TaskExecutionPlanParallelTest

Polish Release Notes

- Add link to Signing Plugin

- Use same indentation as in other examples

- Use "Ivy/Maven Publish Plugin" instead of "Ivy/Maven Publish_ing_ Plugin"

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Document new POM customization DSL in Release Notes

Resolves #3348.

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Release project lock when task is skipped

Add new POM customization properties to DSL Reference

This commit moves all publishing related types to a separate section in the DSL Reference sidebar because the list of core types would otherwise have been very long.

Issue: #3348

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Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Merge pull request #5166 from gradle/oehme/publishing/no-sw-model

Create publishing tasks without model rules

Dedupe deep expression

Fix DefaultTaskPlanExecutionTest

Intern strings when reading module metadata from cache

Dependency resolution of large dependency graphs involves a significant

number of comparisons of strings(group, artifact, version, ...). Most of

those come from the module metadata cache, and even if we use hashmaps,

we still need to perform `equals` comparisons on strings, when in most

of the cases they should be identical. This commit takes advantage of

knowing that to add a cost when we read module metadata (interning), but

realizing that the debt is paid when comparing strings during resolution.

The interner is build scoped (in order to avoid memory leaks), thread-safe,

and shared with the dependency notation converter, so that module selectors

created from strings found in the build scripts are using the same strings

as the ones from the module metadata cache.

Ideally, we should also do this for the strings used during parsing.

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Dependency locking documentation

Fixes #5020

Fix releasing of locks

Before our changes, withStateLock made sure that the aquired locks

were released when trying to schedule a task. Now we need to make sure

of that ourselves.