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Fix unit tests with new CppBinary properties

Prevent adding dependency mutator after Configuration has been resolved/used

Reduce visibility of setters for CppBinary properties

Test coverage for `Configuration.withDependencies`

Merge branch 'develop' into bamboo/kotlin-stdlib-jre8

Add objects property for CppBinary

Rename `ConfigurationInternal.triggerWhenEmptyActions` to `runDependencyActions`

Add executableFile to CppExecutable

Add properties to CppSharedLibrary for link/runtime files

Add logging for flaky test diagnosis

Flaky test #916

Merge pull request #3239 from gradle/gh/stable-native/provider-dependencies

Allow Task.dependsOn to accept Provider objects

Expose `kotlin-stdlib-jre8` to build scripts

See #558

Rework KotlinBuildScriptModelBuilder for readability

and remove duplications

Merge pull request #557 from JLLeitschuh/task/use_older_JDK_9

Use older version of JDK 9 on travis

Fix cross version tests (1.12 and 2.0)

Use older version of JDK 9 on travis

Related to:

Fix left over comment from gradle/gradle#3234

Coverage for dependencies resolver fetching classpath of settings script

ScriptPluginFactory always invoke PluginRequestsApplicator

In order to:

- properly lock all scripts classloader scopes

- trigger auto-applied plugins

Accept change in AbstractTestTask

Merge pull request #3234 from gradle/lacasseio/native/testing-refactoring

Detangle JVM testing from native testing

Merge branch 'master' into lacasseio/native/testing-refactoring

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Polish `fixtures/build.gradle.kts`

Fix another test

First cut of tapi model builders supporting settings.gradle.kts

simplify emmitting child build operations

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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First shot at detecting Gcc system includes

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Merge pull request #3209 from gradle/donat/ide/eclipse-cp-separation

Allow Buildship to separate runtime classpath based on source set information

Merge pull request #3196 from gradle/lacasseio/native/xcode-source-grouping

Group xcode sources by role