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Fix task naming test failure

Rename classes to be more precis in the intent

Make doc tasks cacheable

Make doc tasks cacheable

fix testng 6.9.10 compatibility

Update wrapper to 4.2 RC1

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Merge branch 'release'

Add new build option module

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Added source jar to publication

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Fix javadoc style

Fix testng 6.9.10 compatibility; improve version test coverage

Add documentation to code.

This also slightly refactors the code as there was a duplicate check.

Mark new interfaces as Incubating

Signed-off-by: Pepper Lebeck-Jobe <>

Add clarifying comments

Add integration test for java script sample

Change configuration of java script sample build script

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Polish EmbeddedKotlinProviderTest

Use HTML tag as a workaround

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Fix typo: ->

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Changed the C++ executable plugin to publish debug and release variants of the application to a Maven repository when the `maven-publish` plugin is applied.

Dependencies are not included in the published pom.xml.

Changed the C++ library plugin to publish the C++ headers as a zip file.

Remove a mistaken character

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Fix a few typos

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Remove dependency on JGit test fixture

- Use our own fixture that drives Git itself

- We can control where the temporary files live and use our

other fixtures (e.g., TestFile)

Changed the C++ library to allow the debug and release binaries of the library to be published to a Maven repository, when the `maven-publish` plugin is used.

The headers and dependencies of the library are not yet included in the publications.

Added some more properties for native compile and link tasks to DSL guide.

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Rename test and remove whitespace

Remove code to handle when all source are removed

A separate PR will follow with this test coverage.

Use `TestFile#assertHasDescendants`

Change intTestImage distribution to only contain dependencies

This assembles a distribution that only contains the dependencies

required by the subproject under test. This way we stricter enforce

modularization and increase the cache hits for tests that run against

the distribution image.

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