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Move `VariantContext` into `:languageNative` test fixture

Add support for architecture in Visual Studio IDE

Add test coverage for architecture in Visual Studio IDE

Improve `VariantContext` and `VariantDimension`

Merge pull request #1280 from gradle/eskatos/resolver-logger/windows-logdir

Prefer %LOCALAPPDATA% on Windows if available for IDE resolver logs

Merge pull request #1279 from gradle/eskatos/build-cache/key-toString

Let ScriptBuildCacheKey.toString() return the key hash code

Mention TAPI enhancements in release notes

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Cleanup IDE resolver logs older than 7 days

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Prefer %LOCALAPPDATA% on Windows if available for IDE resolver logs

and prefer "$HOME/AppData/Local" over "$HOME/Application Data" if not

this moves log files from the roaming dir to the local dir

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Remove 2.0.2 from unsupported version.

Do not adapt smoke test when doing an RC plugin release

Use macOS vs getMacOs in TargetMachineFactory tests

Merge pull request #7920 from gradle/sg/architecture/dsl

Make TargetMachine API easier to use from Groovy/Kotlin DSLs

Merge pull request #7919 from gradle/sg/architecture/macos-name

Revert macOS operating system family name to macos

Add release notes about repository content filtering

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Refine DependencyHandlerScope

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Do not bake in assumptions into Gradle metadata parser/writer

This commit reworks the Gradle metadata parser and writer, so

that they don't assume any particular correspondance between

prefer/strictly/reject. Before this, we would for example have

removed the "prefer" constraint when publishing a dependency

which had a "strictly" set.

No special treatment of milestone versions when calculating next major (#7908)

A special treatment was added for Gradle 1.0. This did assume that

there will be no milestones for minor releases. This was an issue with

5.1-milestone-1, which is a minor release milestone.

Since the special treatment is not necessary for any milestone release

(major or minor) anymore, we remove it.

Let ScriptBuildCacheKey.toString() return the key hash code

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Remove from Wrapper jar

Prior to this commit, the `gradle-wrapper.jar` was created when

executing the `wrapper` task by copying the `gradle-wrapper.jar`

classpath resource and adding a Wrapper-specific

`` to it. The properties file only contained a

`versionNumber` property that was solely used to build the User-Agent

for downloading the distribution.

Now, the User-Agent no longer includes the version number. Thus, the

Wrapper-specific `` file is no longer needed.

This change will make it easier to publish the Wrapper jar or, as a

first step, its checksum alongside the distributions.

Resolves #6632.

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Merge branch 'release'

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Replace "require" and "prefer" when publishing resolved versions

When publishing Gradle metadata, if a strategy says that we need

to use the resolved versions, then we will replace whatever "prefer"

or "require" version was set and publish the resolved version.

It will not, however, replace the "strictly" constraint, as it is

still possible to have a range in "strictly" and a "prefer" or


Merge pull request #1276 from gradle/eskatos/artifact-handler/refine

Refine ArtifactHandlerScope

Remove unnecessary type declaration in script under test

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Merge pull request #1275 from gradle/eskatos/precompiled-scripts/cacheable-adapters

Let GenerateScriptPluginAdapters task be cacheable

Merge pull request #1277 from gradle/eskatos/kotlin-dsl-plugin/api-language-version

`kotlin-dsl` plugin sets Kotlin apiVersion and languageVersion to 1.3

Merge pull request #7912 from gradle/js/docs/fix-hidden-edit-button

fix covered edit button on some pages

`kotlin-dsl` plugin sets Kotlin apiVersion and languageVersion to 1.3

to match script compilation

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Update supported build scan plugin to 2.1-rc-1.

Generate type-safe accessors for extensions of project.dependencies

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>