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Use apply() instead of usePlugin() to get rid of deprecation warnings

- Cranked up the max mem sizes for non-forked int tests

- Split apart runtime and plugin classpaths. - Added DependencyHandler.gradleApi() to allow a dependency on the Gradle API to be declared. - Replaced static BootstrapUtil with ClassPathRegistry and ClassLoaderFactory. - Use groovy-all.jar to get rid of potential conflicts on asm, commons-cli and antlr.

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Updated to new snapshot

These can be applied to fields as well as methods.

- Create one remote event sender per forked test process.

- Search project class path for META-INF/ resources.

Removed some unused code

GRADLE-787, GRADLE-778 - Deprecated Project.usePlugin() - Renamed apply plugin: to apply id: or apply type: - Renamed apply script: to apply url:

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GRADLE-280 - Fixes for using a non-file URI to apply a script (plus an int test) - Cache the text of a script while processing it.

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- Better fix for broken dev build - Added Settings.gradle property, allows access to the Gradle instance for the build.

Fix for 'gradle devBuild'

Fixes for linux build

Split core integ tests out into separate source dir and source set.

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GRADLE-280 - Allow any URL to be used to specify a script to apply. - Changed Project.file() to accept 'file':' URI, URL objects and URL strings. - Replaced FileScriptSource with URIScriptSource. - Moved default imports classes into o.g.configuration to live with the script plugin stuff.

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GRADLE-254 - Updated to actual latest bndlib this time

GRADLE-254 - Updated to latest jetty, bndlib, jopt-simple and commons-lang

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GRADLE-254 - Updated to latest ivy and maven ant tasks

GRADLE-254 - Updated to latest slf4j and logback versions

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GRADLE-254 - Updated to use Groovy 1.7.0 to execute build scripts

- Moved remaining eclipse classes from gradle-core to gradle-plugins

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GRADLE-580 - Updated most samples to use groovy 1.7.0

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- Merged ProjectPluginsContainer into PluginContainer. - Merged AbstractPluginContainer into DefaultProjectsPluginContainer. - Merged AbstractNamedDomainObjectCollection into DefaultNamedDomainObjectContainer. - Added TaskInstantiationException, to match PluginInstantiationException.

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Updated to new snapshot

- Renamed DomainObjectContainer to NamedDomainObjectContainer. - Added impl for DomainObjectCollection. - Removed Project param from ProjectPluginsContainer.usePlugin()

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GRADLE-787 - Changed Plugin interface to allow it to target any type. - Changed ScriptObjectConfigurer to extend Plugin and renamed it to ScriptPlugin.

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GRADLE-778/GRADLE-280 - Added support for apply { plugin <id or type> } - Added map based version of apply()

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- Replaced with META-INF/ resources. Allows each plugin to provide some meta-data, such as its name. - Removed -l command-line option.

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GRADLE-280 - Moved logging related methods from Settings and Gradle interfaces to Script, so they are available for all scripts. - Tidied-up script classloaders, buildSrc classes are available to all scripts, except init scripts.

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GRADLE-786 - Fixed file content filtering for Tar task.