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Refine release note and userguide

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Include the requested branch name in the 'version not found' error message, if specified, and do not include the requested version, if not specified.

Changed error message reported on failure to find a match for a dependency in a Git repo to be more consistent with that reported on failure to find a match for the dependency in any binary repo.

Added a placeholder API to allow a dependency to be declared on a particular branch of a component. This API is intended to be replaced as more/better support is added for selecting versions based on criteria other than matching on the 'version' attribute. It is only honored for source dependencies for now. Support for binary dependencies will be added at some point.

Add filtering and tagging support

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Merge branch 'release'

Unpack distribution only once per performance test

Make test less flaky

Update wrapper to latest 4.5.1 snapshot

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Merge branch release

Make performance tests fair again

Performance tests depend on the distribution

directory being of exactly the same length,

otherwise shorter directories will make the

caches slightly smaller and thus make Gradle

run slightly faster. This fairness was lost during the

refactoring that introduced the ForkingGradleSession.

Rebaseline gradleception performance test

It seems the last Kotlin DSL update introduced

another ~2% regression.

Ignore failing test for now

Add performance test to check dependency resolution of a large graph

Merge pull request #4256 from gradle/sg/native/incremental-swift

Follow-up from review comments on incremental swift

Merge pull request #4236 from gradle/gh/stable-native/single-vs-solution

A single visual studio solution file per multi-project build

Merge branch 'master' into gh/stable-native/single-vs-solution

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Disable test on Windows

Ignore rawTypes warnings on SwiftDepsHandler

Remove redundant visibility modifier

Search for Kotlin init scripts in `init.d`

By hard-coding the `.gradle.kts` file extension for now.

Wrap SwiftCompiler in IncrementalSwiftCompiler

IncrementalSwiftCompiler handles deleting output files before running

the underlying SwiftCompiler

Publish 4.5.1-20180202223039+0000

Remove noisy debug

Clarify weird tool chain requirement

We don't have a tool chain requirement that allows you to express

"has X _and_ Y", so instead we Assume we have X and Y in the test

and express a requirement only for X.

Merge pull request #4239 from gradle/sg/native/incremental-swift

Additional test coverage for Swift incremental compilation

Add unit tests for SwiftDepsHandler

Introduce MSBuild fixture for testing Visual Studio IDE integration

Add a test for a sub project not having visual studio applied

Fix some javadocs to be less software-model-centric