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Retry performance tests on failure

Unique build operation names

Remove unused imports

Require non-empty source file list for cache key

Fix checkstyle

Benefit from automatically generated type-safe accessors

See #235

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Disable push on AbstractBuildCache by default

+review REVIEW-6450

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Fix flaky test in ConsoleFunctionalTest

Fix ContinuousWorkerDaemonServiceIntegrationTest

Javadoc, @Incubating, @since on public types

Refactor composite build cache

Now creation is similar to the other build caches. The logic about

globally configured push/pull went into DefaultBuildCacheConfiguration.

+review REVIEW-6450

Remove unused imports

Adjust GradleScriptKotlinIntegrationTest to latest GSK API

Renamed class.

Include task input value's implementation classpath in build cache key.

Changes to honor type's `equals()` method for task input property values. Also consider a value changed if the implementation classpath has changed since the previous execution.

Removed various cache `flush()` methods, as these are no longer required.

Retain the value of a task input property in serialized form, rather than retaining the original, potentially mutable, value.

Revert "Hack to restore caching of individual files in a classpath entry"

This reverts commit 19790308bb7853235bdd229987db77d2f2f43f16.

Revert "Refactored ClasspathContentHasher and ClasspathEntryHasher"

This reverts commit be5dad934e525208dcfdfc2de7327f85c58ee9fb.

Revert "Rename withContent to withContentHash"

This reverts commit 650d899813c39a3f7e0423733d78f1d6080057fd.

Revert "Allow ClasspathEntryHasher to hash directories"

This reverts commit f26f3cfa6dc6d10c5b78dae45abe80fb0240482a.

Added some test coverage that the `equals()` method on a custom type is honored when checking task input property value for changes.

Hack to restore caching of individual files in a classpath entry

Straighten this out tomorrow.

Changed calculation of task input property snapshots to avoid creating a new snapshot instance when the property value has not changed since last execution.

Added some more test coverage for task input properties.

Introduced a couple of additional `ValueSnapshot` implementations, one for `String` values and one for `null` values.

Polish `ProcessProjectSchema`

Polish `CachingKotlinCompiler`

Automatically generate type-safe accessors for contributed extensions

See #235

Changed `ValueSnapshot` into an interface and moved responsibility for visiting the contents to the implementation.

Added some test coverage that various Java types can be used for task input properties.