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fixed GRADLE-1080: Eclipse .project merging creates significant whitespace diffs changed codenarc rule to allow more expressive method names in Spock specs

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Fixed broken integration test

GRADLE-1248 - Added DomainObjectContainer.all() as replacements for allObjects(). - Method all(Closure cl) treats the closure as a configuration closure. - Deprecated allObjects(), TaskCollection.allTasks() and PluginCollection.allPlugins().

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Removed the -A, --dep-tasks command-line options

GRADLE-1299 - Build the tooling model asynchronously. - Implemented GradleConnector.close(), so that it cleans things up


fixed GRADLE-1078: eclipse .classpath generation should order source folders per usual conventions

GRADLE-1299 - Changed GradleConnection.getModel() to fetch the model asynchronously, to reflect the fact that this is a potentially long running operation.

Fixed broken int test

Updated to spock 0.5

GRADLE-1299 - Added GradleConnector.useDistribution() and useGradleVersion() methods, to download, install and use a Gradle distro from a URL, or the standard distribution repository.

adapt tests and javadoc

Try again with the broken int test on windows ci machine

add basic support for different formats of codenarc reports

GRADLE-1299 - Tooling API changes: - Load the tooling api implementation from specified Gradle distribution. - Renamed some classes

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Another attempt to fix broken int test on windows ci machine

GRADLE-1299 - Tooling API changes: - Added some integration and unit test coverage. - Tooling API loads implementation from classpath via a meta-inf service. - Reworked GradleConnector API.

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Ignore existing dependencies when generating idea modules.

Another fix for broken int test on windows

Attempted fix for broken int test on windows ci machine

Temporary fix for broken integration test

Fixed uploadWebsite when doing a release

Changed website build to work more like the main build: - Added release task - Merged uploadWebsite and uploadLatestWebsite - Renamed testLatestWebsite to testRemote

Some updates to home page

Split tooling api implementation into 2 layers to allow for backward and forward compatibility.

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Added a first cut of a tooling API.

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Undeprecated Gradle.getGradleHomeDir()

Added code formatting options to generated ipr.

Switched on checkstyle rules for whitespace, and reformatted some code

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Merged DistributionIntegrationTestRunner into GradleDistributionExecuter.

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