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Remove InvalidTaskOutputCachingBuildCacheKey

+review REVIEW-6435

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Propagate exception when calculating build cache key

+review REVIEW-6435

Add contribution to release notes

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Suppress deprecation warnings that turns into a compilation error

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Adjust to change in `buildSrc` classpath behaviour

The buildSrc output is now included as a `buildSrc.jar`.

Restore old condition for integration test

Now we do not calculate the hash key so the old exception surfaces.

+review REVIEW-6435

Make worker action deserialization part of worker process startup

This makes successful worker startup mean the process started, the

worker action was deserialized, and a successful connection was made

back to the build process. Any failures in those steps throw an

exception on start(). Any failures after throw an exception on waitForStop().

Move all connection handling inside lock in WorkerProcess

We want to start the critical section in onConnect() as soon as possible

when the connection is made and do all connection handling inside. This

prevents race conditions where we might respond to process failures before

connection handling is complete and potentially leave threads lying around.

Calculate cache key only if caching is enabled

We probably want to calculate the cache key even when caching is

disabled. But for now it should be enough to do these calculations if

task output caching is enabled and we can decide later if we want to

enable it every time. Calculating the cache key adds a small performance

impact and this is why we disable it for now on every build.

+review REVIEW-6435

Move caching related classes to caching.internal

+review REVIEW-6435

Revert "Remove `Project#buildscript(Action)` for compatibility with gsk"

This reverts commit 47c0cc57abb010fe51149ca1e7233b571b33b463.

It should be possible to fix it on the gradle-script-kotlin side with

the latest Kotlin release.

Remove `Project#buildscript(Action)` for compatibility with gsk

gradle-script-kotlin has its own handling of buildscript blocks and

this overload would take precedence over gsk's definition.

Use `java-library` plugin in cli and native projects, and fixed more dependency leakage.

A work around to make implementation dependencies visible for JMH source compilation.

Use `runtimeClasspath` configuration instead of `runtime` to calculate the classpath manifest resource.

Deprecate DependOptions

Use `java-library` plugin for baseServices project, and fixed a leakage that this exposed.

Run unit and functional tests in parallel, by default.

Using a hard-coded value of 4 parallel forks, which is probably not the greatest strategy.

Use `stat()` instead of `File` operations `CachingFileHasher.hash(File)`, which is almost always faster and often has a finer-grained resolution for last modified timestamp. Also changed `JarCache` to reuse `FileHasher` instead of reimplementing the same logic that determines whether a file has changed. This logic has moved on quite a bit since `JarCache` was implemented. Now, further improvements to accuracy or performance will be reused by `JarCache`.

Removed `sleep()` from functional tests as these should no longer be required thanks to the reuse.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Use runtimeElements instead of directly tying into the jar task

Change test so it can work on Windows as well

Revert to previous `Closure` configuration behaviour

Fix nb of expected deprecation warnings

Suppress deprecation warnings that turns into an error

Add mention to Ant's `dependOptions` deprecation

Promote CompileOptions.incremental out of incubating status

Mention `Björn Kautler` in release notes

Deprecate CompileOptions.dependOptions

Ignore test on Windows

Use jar file produced by root buildSrc project

Reproduce issue #1274

Remove trailing . on caching reason

Change location of default local build cache to build-cache dir

It used to be called task-cache before.

+review REVIEW-6437

Add back some deprecated types for build cache

BuildCache is now BuildCacheService.

+review REVIEW-6437

Finish of remaining items on exposing build operation

- tweak javadoc in BuildOperationService to make clear no automatic removal of

of operation listeners is done. must be done explicitly by caller.

- tweak integration test accordingly.

+review REVIEW-6432

Allow log level for WARN and above to be specified via CLI

This introduces the --warn and -w command line parameters

that set log level to WARN.

Issue: #935

Use runtimeElements instead of directly tying into the jar task

- Add integration test for a multi-project buildSrc

+review REVIEW-6433

Relative link for Gradle logo in README

Update Gradle logo on README

Change test so it can work on Windows as well

+review REVIEW-6433