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Updated CategoryFilter to prevent NPE with Cucumber and JUnit Categories

- NullPointerException was being thrown if JUnit Categories were used in

a project containing Cucumber tests.

- Ensure CategoryFilter does not call createSuiteDescription if the

description test class is null

- Added integration test to reproduce the error

Don't reuse the cached result of an artifact transform if the output no longer exists.

Fixed `InMemoryDecoratedCache.get(key, producer)` to work correctly after the entry has been removed.

Fixed `InMemoryIndexedCache` so that it honors the contract of `PersistentIndexedCache` wrt concurrency.

Mark unit test as `@UsesNativeServices`

Clean up cached artifact transform outputs on failure or crash.

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Keep track of compilation errors to reduce chance of an exception

Most internal compiler errors we've been experiencing were being

caused by the assigned `MessageCollector` fooling the compiler into

assuming there were no errors (`hasErrors() = false`).

Apply concurrency control to the artifact transform output cache, so that no more than one thread in any build process attempts to produce a particular output at any given time. Different outputs can be produced concurrently by a single build process, but currently not by multiple build processes at the same time.

Added `PersistentIndexedCache.get(key, producer)` overload, allowing the production of an entry if it is not present. Handles multiple threads attempting to produce the same entry, including threads in other build processes.

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Improve logging behaviour

- Make compiler messages format closer to Kotlin's

- Format messages only if the will be logged

Display compilation exception stack traces only if `--stacktrace`

Resolves #290

Polish `KotlinCompiler`

Added support for adding directories to `FileStore` instances.


Adjust libJarsCount to new gradle-script-kotlin dependency count

gradle-script-kotlin v0.8.0 brings a new dependency:


Merge pull request #1384 from gradle/ew-fix-1378

Allow special handling of "release" in version comparator

Use >=3.5 vs >3.4 so we don't test against 3.4.1

Added some test coverage for applying artifact transforms to changing external modules and Maven snapshots.

Create a test fixture for validating build operations

Some tweaks to cached artifact transform outputs, and some more test coverage.

Merge branch 'release'

Update wrapper to 3.4.1

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Polish `DefaultClassLoaderScope`

- Remove redundant branch (`buildLockedLoader(id, classPath)` already

checks if the given `ClassPath` is empty

Polish `ClassLoaderVisitor`

- Make line readable under 120 columns via static import

Compute parent classpath via `ClasspathUtil#getClasspath`

See #190

Retry TAPI performance tests on failure

Improve exception handling in worker api

Show stack trace when a sample fails to check