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Copy test resources to a temp dir because they change during test execution which breaks incremental build.

Extract the output scraping execution result and failure classes from the forking executer.

Add missing project on “native” by “internal-integ-testing”.

Fix some unchecked type errors.

Work around Java's inability to use varargs with unreifiables types to avoid an unchecked type warning.

Enable all unchecked warnings.

Include the status board page, but don't link to it yet.

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Support links without file extensions (html and php) on website and do directory listings.

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Make the timeout a little bigger.

Fixed NPE in int tests that use previous gradle versions.

Don't run the int tests concurrently at all (for now).

Don't try to run jstack when it is not available.

Don't run quite as many concurrenct int tests (for now), and don't delete the cache dir between int test runs.

Tweaks to error message.

Include a thread dump of the lock owner process in the error message on timeout locking a file.

Use the PID instead of a UUID in the daemon log file name.

Some javadoc and error message tweaks.

Changed DefaultFileLockManager to write some diagnostic information about the lock holder to the lock file (pid and display name). Include this information in the 'timeout waiting for lock' error message.

- Added ProcessEnvironment.getPid(). - Renamed some methods on ProcessEnvironment.

- Fixed eclipse plugin when some dependencies cannot be resolved, and added some int test coverage. - Renamed some int tests.

Renamed test.

Reset DeprecationLogger when executing daemon build

Added some more state checking to cache locking.

Separated imperative from declarative for test report aggregation. Enabled incremental build and dependencies for test report aggregation.

Removed global method smell from build.gradle

Integration tests for deprecated logging. - One test should fail when run with daemon executer, due to daemon not logging deprecation warnings on second execution.

Change the DisconnectAwareConnection contract to require that disconnection handlers execute and complete before null is returned by receive().

Update usage of mavenRepo in the gradle build to not use deprecated “urls” param.

Fix for compile error due to DisconnectAwareConnectionDecorator constructor change.

Refactor DisconnectAwareConnectionDecorator to use EagerReceiveBuffer internally.