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Renamed src/main/groovy to src/main/java in core

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Revert the removal of `AbstractTask` methods

These methods are now deprecated. They we probably a leftover, and were

removed in 407990fb29cd59c0d1bed4769d41c259ad4f4248. However, removal

caused breaking changes in some existing builds, so we’re adding them

back as deprecated until 3.0.

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Reinstate "Flip LRU on: expire the least recently busy daemon"

This reverts commit 996a9b3f042944048f935d7b2763366ef57ff6f8.

Reinstate "Implement and test the LRU expiration strategy."

This reverts commit 2b9a76181b061922daea852a63b660c346689b66.

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Temporarily revert "Implement and test the LRU expiration strategy. This commit doesn't flip it on." to get CompositeDaemonExpirationStrategy class back.

This reverts commit 9458848597819f9c8e55631ba5289ca9c52ba369.

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Temporarily revert "Flip LRU on: expire the least recently busy daemon when memory is low." to see whether it has anything to do with the CI timeout on Windows Java 1.6.

This reverts commit bb050e5a819dc2d7be038b72487933a086e5a1e8.

Resolve review items

+review REVIEW-5935

Fix error message

Adjust integration test

+review REVIEW-5935

Trailing spaces matter. Sigh!

- We really need to fix our editorconfig.

Add badges for Design Doc Status

Markdown Trailing Spaces Matter

Add a table of contents.

Clean up Non-Goals list

- The list formatting was a little strange before.

Update the link to the M1.1 Design

Migrate M1.1 Design to GitHub

- We need to come back and update this design with correct class names and remove the discussion

of the system property which is no longer supported.

Expose wtp classpath attributes via the TAPI

+review REVIEW-5935

Replace usage of `String#format` with good old string concatenation

The rationale behind this change is that while `String#format` is usually admitted as good for readability (this is arguable),

in practice it is very bad for performance. Since Java 6, the JVM (the JIT, to be correct) does a pretty good job at optimizing

string concatenation. However, it is only capable to do so if we're using "dirty" string concatenations (using `+`), or `StringBuilder`.

However, usage of `StringBuilder` is not recommended either for 2 reasons:

1. it significantly decreases code readability

2. in Java 9, String concatenation is even more optimized thanks to `invokedynamic`, and code using `StringBuilder` will *not* benefit

from this optimization.

There are sill leftover `String#format` calls in the code, in the following cases:

- the call is used to generate an exception message. That's 90% of the remaining calls.

- the call is obviously a debug message, often used in `toString` (because as we all know, `toString` should only be used for debugging)

- the format includes specific number formatting patterns

- I missed it

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Rename to

Initialize the Design Docs for #stable-plugins-dsl

Make it highly unlikely that we will import '*'

Fixed checkstyle and bugs.

Refactored from plugins project classes with dynamic Groovy to Java

Added integration test for Idea module dependencies (and fix)

Fix integration test for changes to TAPI

Removed invalid test

Flip LRU on: expire the least recently busy daemon when memory is low.

Implement and test the LRU expiration strategy. This commit doesn't flip it on.

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Add test for LowMemoryDaemonExpirationStrategy.

Attempt to fix generated install script on Windows