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Address review feedback

Use @InputFiles on information file

Use addTarget vs reaching into getTargets

Consolidate xcode configuration names into one place

Assert environment checks in build vs xcode fixture

Fix sanity check build

Assert only one daemon is used

Fix typo in binary compatibility json

Accept binary compatibility change

Address code review comments

Make ignore failures always an input (#3042)

Custom verification tasks should also have ignoreFailures as an input.

Improve `JacocoPluginExtension#applyTo` type signature

By mentioning the type parameter `T` in the parameter list so it can be

inferred by a capable compiler.


Improve cacheability of binary compatibility check

Using the timestamped version in the title broke

cacheability, since we never had a cache hit. Let's just use `-SNAPSHOT`

for now.

Set binary compatibility baseline to 4.2

4.2 has been released!

Mention contributor in release notes

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DependencySpec.kotlin extension no more default to embeddedKotlinVersion

See #465

Use JaCoCo 0.7.9 by default (#2892)

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Remove leftover NL constant

This was useful when debugging, but, is no longer needed.

Add a GitVersionRef and implement getAvailableVersions

This should provide everything needed to make progress on


Part of gradle/gradle-native#88

Add discover inputs for cpp-lang plugin

We now also create the discover inputs task to the software model


Use PortAllocator in http script tests (#3040)


`embedded-kotlin` plugins adds stdlib & reflect to compileOnly

and testCompileOnly instead of compile

See #509

Make bootclasspath a compile classpath

Originally we used `@Classpath` because of performance considerations, but that would prevent different OS versions of the same ABI-compatible JARs to be successfully recognized as compatible.

Remove unnecessary modifiers and semicolons

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Add tests and fix DefaultGitVersionControlSpec

There were a few cases which weren't being handled correctly:

* We had too many slashes in our `repositoryId`s

* We were not extracting the repo name if the repo eneded in `.git`

Part of gradle/gradle-native#88

Expect one more deprecation due to CompileOptions.bootClasspath

Split GitVersionControlSpec into interface and implementation

It is just healthy to keep these separate.

Part of gradle/gradle-native#88

Some simplifications to the Ivy and Maven metadata parsing. Don't extract and persist the `description` and `publicationDate` properties for Ivy and Maven as these values are not required for dependency resolution. Incremented the cache version to reflect this change.

Removed some dead code that attempted to include a `description` in a generated ivy.xml, as there is no way to specify this in the Gradle DSL.

Moved some Maven metadata properties from constructor parameters to mutable properties.

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Add version ref to Vcs populate

Fleshed out more of the module metadata parser, so that it extracts the files. This information is still discarded after being parsed.