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Remove JvmLanguageCompileSpec.{source,classpath}

Implement a concrete `VirtualModuleComponentIdentifier`

Update userguide for strict runtime API validation

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Merge pull request #6437 from gradle/gh/lazy-tasks/evaluate-checks

Disallow more project configuration hooks from lazy configuration actions

Recompile when a resource file changes

We can't tell what annotation processors might be doing with a

resource file, as the processing API does not provide any way

of associating resources with outputs. Therefor the only safe

option for now is doing a full recompile.

We no longer force a full recompile when a processor reads a

resource. We only recompile if the resource changes. This makes

it even easier to make a lot of processors incremental.

Merge pull request #6464 from gradle/wolfs/clean-after-other-tasks

Every task must run after clean in `gradle/gradle`

Revert "Distribution build task must run after clean task"

This reverts commit 07b406b

The `mustRunAfter` condition is now added for every task.

Every task must run after clean

Fixes problems when :distributions:clean ran after


Distribution build task must run after clean task

Don't check for empty collections

The speedup with immutable collections was due to faster iteration on

one element sets - not faster iteration on the empty set.

Create own build type for compileAll

This build type should be called from our CI scripts, so we don't need

to call the two tasks + set the project property.

The name `compileAll` clashes with the existing `compileAll` tasks, so

we cannot use that name as a build type.

Fine tune the formatting of the scripts generated by the `init` plugin from a Maven build.

Ignore incoming build receipt in CompileAll

Fix test

For some reason "result" was interpreted as an array, but "expected" isn't.


Run :createBuildReceipt for CompileAll

We use that build receipt in downstream builds.

Reuse the build script generation infrastructure to generate the dependencies in the Gradle build scripts when converting a Maven build.

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Reuse the build script generation infrastructure to generate more of the Gradle build scripts when converting a Maven build.

Reduce poll interval even further

There still seems to be some flakyness left.

Merge pull request #6459 from gradle/mv/scans-plugin-1-16-release

Update build scan plugin to 1.16

Update build scan plugin to 1.16

Include Kotlin DSL samples in wrapper docs

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Merge pull request #6456 from gradle/wolfs/deprecations/fix-task-inputs-property-usages

Re-introduce CompatibilityAdapterForTaskInputs

Add removals to release notes

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Re-introduce CompatibilityAdapterForTaskInputs

The adapter is still needed for `` which return type

changed in 4.3.

Make FileUtils#calculateRoots more efficient

Instead of a quadratic algorithm (comparing every

file against every other file), it now uses an

O(nlogn) algorithm, sorting the files first and

then removing all those that are covered by their


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Deprecate jacoco.append

It makes no sense to set the property to `false`.

Update wrappers to Gradle 4.10-RC3

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Merge pull request #1056 from gradle/bamboo/exercise-lazy-api

Let kotlin-dsl build exercise the lazy container API

Add documentation why we delete the coverage file

Merge pull request #6451 from gradle/oehme/performance/root-cause

Avoid expensive ExceptionUtils.getRootCause