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Deprecation removal of Gradle GUI (#1749)

Remove Gradle GUI code, leftovers Open API code and user guides.

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Remove deprecated pluginRepositories block (#1758)

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Update smoke test to latest Gretty plugin version

Make BasicScript faster

Avoid reflection by implementing the delegation

to the script target by hand.

Accept the performance regression in script compilation caused

by adding the `asDynamicObject` method. The faster run time is worth

the additional time spent compiling.

Fix usage of BuildOperationProcessor from unmanaged threads

Fix the Gretty smoke tests.

The Gretty plugin is doing dependency resolution on a rogue thread.

The recently introduced parallel download of artifacts made it fail.

Follow up on e89d348

Upgrade gsk Android plugins smoke test to plugin version 2.3.1

Use the same buildToolsVersion in all Android smoke tests.

Revert "Allow nested usage of BuildOperationProcessor"

This reverts commit 32b197058db9a184ef8d97c99104697010b9f82f.

This reverts commit f38397635c037dd0f6e0cff326538593d66b9a56.

This reverts commit 415d784af03e1d473bcac7a3309519ca22794d20.

Rework MaxWorkersTest to fix flakiness

“BuildOperationWorkerRegistry operations nested in BuildOperationProcessor operations borrow parent lease”

We are not interested in the order of execution here, only in that

the two executions do not overlap.

Follow up to 32b1970

Upgrade Android plugins smoke test to plugin version 2.3.1

Make DynamicInvokeResult more inline-friendly

Revert removal of org.gradle.util.Clock

The change currently breaks the build scan plugin.

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Avoid using Gradle internal class to calculate elapsed time

Also suggest using --offline for poor remote build cache connections

Fix imports

Rename variable for accuracy

Fix BeanDynamicObject performance

The withNoImplementsMissing and withNoProperties methods were

unnecessarily creating new objects when the current one already

satisfied the condition. They also created an ad-hoc sublcass when

the booleans in the class already carried all the necessary information.

Remove misc deprecated classes and methods in core module (#1755)

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Make Path more efficient

The segments in paths are very repetitive (e.g. core:integTest, ide:integTest, ...),

so interning them compacts their memory usage quite a bit. In order to benefit more

from that, we should use `Path` instead of `String` in more places.

Introduce convenience methods on worker lease service

Introduce convenience methods on worker lease service

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Build elapsed time summary (#1689)

* Indicate Gradle's continued progress in the format `3h 23m 2s`

* Improve AntLoggingAdapterTest to avoid flaky test

Merge pull request #1711 from gradle/dd-parallel-downloads

Parallel download of artifacts

Remove TODO we'll never do

Update release notes and docs about --offline

+review REVIEW-6496

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Merge branch 'release'

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Allow nested usage of BuildOperationProcessor

Use a dynamically sized thread pool in BuildOperationProcessor to allow

nested usage. Maximum in-flight work is managed by worker leases, the

size of that thread pool has nothing to do with that. It being caped

at maxWorkers made it impossible to use BuildOperationProcessor inside

a work enqueued to BuildOperationProcessor up to a certain degree. This

commit fixes that.

Add build operation for resolving all artifacts

This generates a "resolve artifacts" build operation if

getFiles() is called on lenient configuration.

Refine ParallelTestExecutionIntegrationTest

The forkEvery value didn’t make sense for some maxWorkers/maxParallelForks values under test

Shouldn’t be flaky anymore

Exercise more potential deadlock situations, see the two previous commits

Remove items from release notes that already part of 3.5

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Fix potential deadlock on parallel test execution again

Follow up on c9799ad, see its message for details

This commits invert the worker lease holder test processor and the

max n parallel test processor, putting the former before the later.

Given that the “max n parallel test” processor uses non-blocking proxy

actors, a deadlock could happen when forkEvery=1.

This was discovered while working on ParallelTestExecutionIntegrationTest