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Generate IDs for user guide sections without them.

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More review items for IDE conversion to Java

+review REVIEW-5948

Stop leaking files.

Issues from Review ide Groovy -> Java

+review REVIEW-5948

Adding userguide section on Ant logging

+review REVIEW-5912

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Introduce 'generateKtsConfig' task

This task is contributed by default whenever a Kotlin-based script is

applied (see KotlinScriptPlugin), and allows for a more convenient means

of setting up a project to take advantage of tooling in IDEA.

convert assert in Java files to Preconditions ide Groovy -> Java

+review REVIEW-5948

Deprecate evil methods on TestUtil.

- These methods all cause a temporary directory to be created which

will not be cleaned up by the test.

Add GradleConnectionBuilderInternal#useGradleVersion

Introduce Project.task<T>(name) extension

without a configuration closure for convenience in cases that do not

necessitate it.

More review items for IDE conversion to Java

+review REVIEW-5948

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Apply small fixes and improvements to release notes.

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Jazz up composite build support in release notes.

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Use American spelling in release notes.

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Look up plugin conventions first

Typo ide Groovy -> Java

+review REVIEW-5948

Minor formatting/Generics changes ide Groovy -> Java

+review REVIEW-5948

Internal LinkedResourcesCreator is now Java

And more review items for IDE conversion to Java

+review REVIEW-5948

EclipseWtpPlugin now @CompileStatic

And more review items for IDE conversion to Java

+review REVIEW-5948

Add a deprecation warning for readConfigFile.

Cache `ServiceLocator` results

This commit introduces a cached service locator which is used when the locator is going to be called several times on the same classloader. This is the case for plugins, typically. This reduces the cost of project initialization.

+review REVIEW-5956

Review items for codeQuality and jacoco Java conversion

+review REVIEW-5933

Changed test fixture to verify registry file permissions only on linux and os x.

Write the description text and publication date when persisting the metadata

Note: these values are only required to allow us to test that we detect

changes in published descriptor files.

Use Gradle constant in preference to Ivy

Weaned IvyModuleDescriptorWriter off Ivy ModuleDescriptor

Expose native resolution results as NativeBinaryRequirementResolveResults

Removed unused constructor and fixed spelling

Added some int test coverage to verify that the daemon rejects stop requests when the authentication token does not match the expected token, and to verify that the registry file has the correct permissions attached.

Fixed `gradle --stop` so that it does not timeout when the daemon rejects the stop request for some reason (eg an authentication problem).