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Merge pull request #4751 from gradle/wolfs/build-cache/better-testkit-sample

Use own cache directory for testkit sample

Expose precompiled scripts as Gradle plugins

The Gradle plugin id is derived from the script file name and its

package declaration if any.

The implementation is currently limited to scripts under

`src/main/kotlin`. Future commits will lift this restriction.

See #669

Move some resolution logic out of SelectorState into the graph builder

Provide ResolvedVersionConstraint when resolving component id

The 'resolved' version constraint is critical to resolving the component id

for a given selector. In order to honour all constraints in the resolution

process, this `ResolvedVersionConstraint` will be composed of more than

just the constraints for a single selector.

With this change, the `ResolvedVersionConstraint` is constructed

prior to resolving the id, rather than being constructed as part of that


Add task grouping tests for plain console

  1. … 21 more files in changeset.
Guarantee that logs are flushed before reporting build status

Improve deprecation message for processors on compile classpath

A lot of users were asking "What processors caused this problem?",

indicating that the unintentionally leaked processor is a common

case. The warning is now clearer about the cause and what exactly

will happen in Gradle 5.0 so as to not scare those users.

Fix CCE when using GString compiler args

Also take into account comiler argument providers

when searching for -processorpath and -processor


Provide optional metadata when requesting ComponentState

This results in less coupling than providing the metadata in `ComponentState.selectedBy()`

Rename id accessors for consistency

Use `ComponentIdentifier getId()`

Use `ModuleVersionIdentifier getModuleVersionId()`

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Document how to clean build cache between tests

Javadoc for `ComponentIdResolveResult`

Polish: metaData -> metadata

Update build scan plugin to use latest rc release

Fix tests for exception reporting

Merge pull request #4705 from gradle/eriwen/core/embolden-help-url

Embolden URL in build failure suggestions

Use own cache directory for testkit sample

The test would fail on the second run, since it would use the Gradle

user home test directory.

Generate compilable accessors in face of type erasure

Test for accessors of extensions whose generic type info is erased

Add explanation about implementation choice

Any grouped output should go to the same output stream when multiple streams are attached

Remove known issues from build cache documentation

All the issues either have an Github issue open, do not apply any more

or are documented in the build cache guide.

Make aggregating annotation processors faster

Aggregating processors need to reprocess all classes they are

interested in on any change. Until now this was ensured by passing

all their source files to the compiler for recompilation.

However, the Java compiler can run annotation processing on class

files too. So instead of recompiling the (unchanged) source files

we now tell the compiler which classes to reprocess. This adds a

small new limitation for aggregating processors - their annotations

need to have at least CLASS retention to be visible in the class

files. The benefit is much faster compilation.

  1. … 13 more files in changeset.
Dogfood unambiguous PluginAware.apply()

Merge pull request #762 from gradle/eskatos/api/apply-dogfood

Add failing test for provider dependencies

Fix link to building cpp libraries

Favor unambiguous PluginAware.apply() in test

Favor unambiguous PluginAware.apply() in gradle/kotlin-dsl build

Favor unambiguous PluginAware.apply() in doc and error messages

Favor unambiguous PluginAware.apply() in samples

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