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Fix inverse logic

Fix method name and description

Remove method from documentation

Do not introduce new methods that take Closure parameters

We can fully rely on Groovy SAM here.

Add test coverage to testkit NO-SOURCE handling

- older testkit versions should list NO-SOURCE tasks in newer gradle versions as SKIPPED

+review REVIEW-6414

Fix Javadoc warnings

Add synchronized to cache modify/access methods

Important for intra-project parallelization - this is a project-wide

cache that can be accessed by multiple tasks in parallel during



Bumped wrapper to latest 3.4 nightly

Let's see how compile classpath hashing works

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Do not register one transform type more than once in the same project


Support matching of incomplete candidate attribute sets

This is needed for matching transform input/output to avoid the

overhead of creating combined attribute containers only for the

purpose of matching transforms (which can happen a lot in large

multi-project builds).


Fix constructor call in test

Ignore configuration attributes in artifact/variant/transform matching

Currently we have two matching phases:

- configurations

- artifacts/variants (for filtering by variant and transforming)

This change reflects the two-step matching process. As consequence,

filter and transform is now only triggered through view creation

(via configuration.incoming) and no longer through attributes of the

consuming configuration.


Add cache for match/transform, move registration to dependency handler


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Improve efficiency and cacheability of attribute implementation

Add test for schema usage during artifact/variant attribute matching

A number of test cases are deactivated which will be addressed as

part of gradle/performance#256 and other follow up issues.


Refinements to TestKit javadocs.

+review REVIEW-6414


+review REVIEW-6414

Clarify comment.

+review REVIEW-6414

Refinements to user guide docs for “NO-SOURCE”.

+review REVIEW-6414

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Refine release notes for NO-SOURCE outcome.

+review REVIEW-6414

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Removed some logging accidentally left in.

Fixed tests for changes to method signatures.

Align type with the one used in Maven plugin

Removed the 'description' parameter from the methods of `CacheAccess`. This description is not actually used anywhere and these methods are called many, many times, meaning a lot of unnecessary strings were being created.

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Use @Input to ensure incremental build is working properly

Show that JaCoCo does not run validation for rule values minimum > maximum

Uses minimum/maximum rule values if values is out of bounds

Test behavior for defining the same rule multiple times

Merge pull request #1052 from gradle/bm-jacoco-java9

Support for JaCoCo on Java 9

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Fix "usage" attribute so that it works properly with the real "Usage"