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Use a more efficient algorithm to validate names in generated xml.

Changed `Test` task to lookup host name once per build process rather than for each test instance.

Another test for running tasks for included build in single execution

+review REVIEW-6164

Minor cleanup to test assertions

Polishing: artifact construction for included builds

+review REVIEW-6164

Reworked configuration laziness for `IncludedBuild`

Moved the implementation of this out of `DefaultSettings` and into the

`DefaultIncludedBuild` implementation.

+review REVIEW-6163

Added some items to the Gradle 4.0 candidates spec.

Use component id rather than module version id in the 'required by' paths in resolve exceptions. This provides a better description for local components, and also allows for components that don't have a module version id.


Fix javadoc for `IncludedBuild`

+review REVIEW-6163

Update test now that we configure included builds on demand

This test was updated to put the plugin build first, because the

order of inclusion was significant. Now that included builds are

conigured-on-demand, this is no longer necessary.

Add task that zips the junit xml test report files to a zip file

- can be used to aggregate distributed performance test results

Ensure the root component of is always marked as 'selected because it is the root'.

Renamed`id` to `moduleVersion` in dependency resolve results `ComponentResult` to make more explicit that this is simply a bucket of attributes, not an identifier for the component.

Fixed dependency graph traversal so that modules that are only reachable from modules evicted due to conflict resolution are not included in the result.

Inlined a couple of classes.

Moved a bunch of classes into ':compositeBuilds'

Integration test that demonstrates eager configuration of included builds

Use more efficient serialization for the resolved configuration result of a configuration.

Fix typo

Add buildTypes for distributed perf tests

Add clean task for performance samples

Plugin development with composite-build leaks file handles

Fix performance DB system properties

Use more efficient serialization for the resolution result of a configuration.

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
Renamed some classes.

  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
Moved some classes to live with related classes.

Reorganised the events produced by the dependency graph traversal to better distinguish between configuration nodes and component nodes.

Javadocs and whitespace.

Fixed unit tests for previous changes.