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Upgrade Jetty to 6.1.26 to fix file handle leaks

Tests using both HttpServer and TestKeyStore fixtures to setup a TLS

enabled HTTP server leak file handles because Jetty is not releasing

the keystore files.

This minor Jetty version includes the proper fix:



Use `normaliseLineSeparators()` instead of `denormalize()`

+review REVIEW-6269

Use non-remapped hash to identify external build script classloaders

The problem here was that we were using the hash code of the remapped script classloaders. We remap script classes because we want the absolute paths of the sources to be baked into them, in order to provide better error messages. But this means that the contents of the class files, and hence the hash of the classloader loading those class files will depend on the absolute location of the project. Instead of this behavior we should use the non-remapped classes to calculate the classloader hash. In practice we are simply ignoring the remapped classpath, and use the hash from the parent classloader (which knows about the original, non-remapped classes).

+review REVIEW-6272

Handle case when line is terminated with \r

Increase read ahead buffer size in GC log parsing

- should fix " Mark invalid" in GC log parsing

Always use US locale when formatting numbers for cache statistics

So the tests are not locale dependent and the output is consistent

with the used language whatever the user locale is.

+review REVIEW-6269

Make test task actually relocatable

+review REVIEW-6272

Test for relocated buildSrc busting custom task cacheablity

+review REVIEW-6272

Make GC log parsing non fatal

Some GC logs can be scrambled by the JVM (overlapping events), causing test failures

just because we couldn't parse the logs. Instead, we're now logging the failures as


Give more memory to large enterprise build perf test

Remove unused code

+review REVIEW-6272

Integrate `largeEnterpriseBuild` into our performance test suite

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Denormalize multiline string to fix tests

+review REVIEW-6269

Use the built in percent number format for cache statistics

+review REVIEW-6269

Test changes to buildSrc don't invalidate built-in tasks

Fix classpathManifest cacheability

+review REVIEW-6271

Add a unit test for the cache statistics report

+review REVIEW-6269

Added rename { null } case to integration tests

+review REVIEW-6270

Make TaskExecutionListSerializer thread safe without synchronization

- add ThreadLocal context that gets passed on from requesting thread

to cache worker thread over the asynchronous boundary

+review REVIEW-6258

Only call setRelativePath() if the path has changed

+review REVIEW-6270

Integration test only runs on Java8 or earlier

The building of a plugin with Gradle 2.x fails running in Java9.

(Could not determine java version from '9-ea')

We do not need to cover this case.

+review REVIEW-6246

Get the Broadcaster for TaskOutputsGenerationListener only once

+review REVIEW-6269

Call TaskExecutionStatistics only once per Task

+review REVIEW-6269

Merge PostExecutionAnalysisTE into ExecuteActionsTE

Having it separate made it difficult to set the outcome

only once.

+review REVIEW-6269

Merge branch 'master' into dependent-components

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Changed module artifact caching to distinguish more strongly between the artifact's identifier, used for index keys, and the artifact's metadata, used for index values.

Removed an unused method.

Merged a couple of inner classes.

Simplify ClassLoader hierarchy logging code

Using `groovy.json.JsonOutput`.

Make note of specific Android build