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Add temporary dependency on `gradleApi()`

Until a new gradle-script-kotlin distro snapshot is published.

Add `largeAndroidBuild` template

This commit adds a performance test for the "large" Android build. The build is an external project.

There's still WIP to make this project relevant for our tests, but this commit makes it possible to

test the integration with our perf test suite.

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Improve user manual section on incremental build. (#688)

* Improve user manual section on incremental build.

This is a rewrite and expansion of the incremental build section of the user

manual. It provides proper coverage of this important topic while introducing

some of the new features in Gradle 3.0.

* Incorporate feedback

* Fix links and typos in user guide

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Generate gradle-script-kotlin-api jar atomically

See #52

Fix extra property lookup order for grand children

It looks like for grand children of the root

project we were first looking up `ExtraProperties`

in the root project and then in the child project.

Changing the order could have a performance impact,

so this probably needs to be revisited after having a

look at the performance tests.

The order of `snapshotInheritable()` is now the same as

in `updateDelegates`.

GRADLE-3530 #resolve

+review REVIEW

Fix composite build tests


+review REVIEW-6188

Use Groovy's collectMany instead of inject

Fix `cleanSamples` missing remote projects

Polish CrossVersionPerformanceTestRunner

Add BuildTestFixture to AbstractIntegrationSpec

Thereby making methods like `multiProjectBuild`

available to all integration tests. By default,

`BuildTestFixture` now creates the build in the

root directory since this is in line with the behaviour of

the other methods in `AbstractIntegrationSpec`.

Moreover, `BuildTestFixture` now takes a `TestDirectoryProvider`

instead of a `TestFile` in order to have it as a field in

`AbstractIntegrationTest` and initializing the `TestDirectoryProvider`

as late as possible.


+review REVIEW-6188

Rebaseline for configuraiton performance tests

Remove the 2.0 and 2.8 baselines for IDE perf tests

There has been some very minor regression recently, and this is just

adding noise to our performance tests as a result.

Ensure settings.gradle is written for test build

Provide :compositeBuilds to integTests where required

The `idea` plugin requires services provided by the :compositeBuilds

module. There's undoubtedly a lower level dependency missing here.

Correctly map from UsageKind to configuration name

Move JVM-component dependency resolution classes

Moved a lot of classes from ':platform-base' to ':platform-jvm',

and restructured into common `org.gradle.jvm.internal.resolve` package.

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Fix test for change to `VariantComponentSpec`

Since `Binary` is not (yet) one of the types we can automatically create

in our managed model, it's no longer possible to create a managed type

that simply extends `VariantComponentSpec`.

Instead, custom types should extend `GeneralComponentSpec`.

Fix unit test

Moved responsibility for calculation of a configuration's `ModuleExclusion` rules behind `ConfigurationMetadata`. Changed the implementations to calculate this once and reuse the result.

Re-enable URL connection caching by default

+review REVIEW-6182

Moved `ModuleDescriptorState.dependencies` up to the `Metadata` types.

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Replaced qualified name with import.

Moved `ModuleDescriptorState.configurations` up to the `Metadata` types.

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Add thread-safety to `CompositeProjectArtifactBuilder`

Validate included builds on construction

The supplied included build directory must:

- exist

- be a directory

The included build loaded from that directory must:

- have the build directory as it's rootDir

- not have any included builds

Use BuildTestFixture to create multi project build


+review REVIEW-6188

Clean up some TODO comments

Add integration test for broken resource issue

+review REVIEW-6182

Use `https` in the repo URI instead of `git@`

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Check that included build task path is qualified