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Split out create bundle and install task

Revert "Remove flaky performance test"

This reverts commit e14396dbf3116dadcc686152188c27c4674ba521.

Add support for the tested component in XCode generation

Part of gradle/gradle-native#203

Fix failing integTests after introducing BuildOperationListener#progress

Increase timeout for HTTP timeouts and assign system properties to internal namespace (#3371)

Remember last analysis in Depend task

Ignore another failing performance test


rename interface to fix Checkstyle

Fix merge conflict

Merge cleanup.

Introduce build operation progress events, only used for conveying test output to build scans currently.

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Cache searched directories

So we don't have to stat all over again.

Add coverage for test build operations in continuous builds

Fix, null) throws NPE (#3368)

Remove internal overrides causing trouble.

Revert "Reset release notes"

This reverts commit fcf3ba98bbadb34223dbadac4acd6471ab99e039.

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    • +359
Reset release notes

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    • +3
Revert "Ignore failing performance tests for now"

This reverts commit 939c8e8

Merge pull request #3242 from gradle/wolfs/native-caching/track-system-headers

Track system headers for native compilation

Set binary compatibility baseline to 4.3

Set next release version to 4.3.1

Ignore failing performance tests for now

These will be addressed by a separate PR

Improve JDK 9 compatibility

In JDK 9, org.w3c.dom.ElementTraversal class is provided in JDK by default,

so previous ClassPathUtil.getClasspathForResource would throw NPE.

This PR fixes this issue.

Make existing dependency modifiable in metadata rules (#3351)

This allows for modification of the version property (string notation).

Fix #3029: Use correct server class when distributing Play applications (#3314)

Use correct server class when distributing Play applications


Refine deprecation mechanism (#3285)

Refine deprecation mechanism


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Fix #2999: runPlayBinary needs to be adapted for Play 2.6 (#3018)

Scala 2.12 as the preferred version when using Play 2.6


Add Play 2.6 and scala 2.12 support.

Published 4.3-20171105190919+0000

Only abort repository lookups on critical resolution failure

Gradle 4.3 introduced an improvement where an error in resolving a module from

one repository would prevent Gradle from searching for that same module in

subsequent repositories (see #2853).

However, the change to abort searching repositories on _all_ unrecognised errors

proved to be too aggressive. With this change, only repository timeout errors

will prevent Gradle from searching for a module in a subsequent repository.

These timeout errors are considered 'critical' and will blacklist the repository

and abort resolution for that module.

In a future release of Gradle, it is likely that we will expand the set of resolution

failures that we consider 'critical' to include server errors (HTTP 500) and the

like. This commit keeps the set small to miminize impact on the 4.3.1 release.

Add integration test coverage for repository blacklisting on timeout

Only blacklist a repository on connection timeout failures