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Add mention of potentially breaking change in release notes

System properties are read in different order so that ones specified with command line win.

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describe change in idea sourceCompatibility in release notes

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Add note about expensive application of IDE plugins

Use noun for task name to align with convention in Gradle code base

+review REVIEW-5839

Add another profiling result

Optimize dynamic object delegate array creation (hotspot in dependency resolution)

Default display name should only be computed if no other display value was explicitly set

dont inherit module language and bytecode level from IdeaProject#languageLevel

Add deprecation messages to the getters as well.

+review REVIEW-5829

Fix M2Installation repo path escaping on Windows for performance tests

+review REVIEW-5848

Better error reporting on maven version probing and some test coverage

+review REVIEW-5848

Formatting and typos

+review REVIEW-5848

Pass the receipt flag as an arg, and use the without build as the baseline.

More profiling results

Add mention in the release notes of the new stylesheet properties

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Add reference to experimental fix

Merge branch 'master' into stylesheets-for-reports

Add documentation for the new stylesheet property.

Switch the stylesheet to a TextResource.



Add some profiling results

Apply ad-hoc experiments result store consistently

Always map 'testCompileOnly' dependencies to 'TEST' scope in IntelliJ

+review REVIEW-5807

Add non regression performance test to assess that we are making progress on incremental test builds

Add incremental Maven vs Gradle test build baseline

Fix test failures

+review REVIEW-5807

Add 'compileClasspath' configuration to all source sets

- Creates another configuration, 'compileClasspath', for all source sets

- This configuration extends from 'compileOnly'

- Source set's compileClasspath is set to 'compileClasspath' configuration

+review REVIEW-5807

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Some method renames.

Simplified the implementation for some of the methods that take care of merging the output snapshots.

Releas note tweaks for automatic classpath injection with TestKit.


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Changed output file detection to consider any file whose meta-data, and not just content, is changed by a task to be an output of that task.

This should allow more accurate detection of output files following a Gradle version update, or when some other tool changes the output files of a task (eg an IDE).