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Changed int tests so that they don't use removed internal property.

GRADLE-2780 - Added some caching at a few points in the class loader graph, to speed up probing for default imported classes in build scripts (and other things).

- Moved class loader handling for a build out to a new BuildClassLoaderRegistry service and off GradleInternal.

- Wire in a caching class loader before the plugins and as the (shared) parent class loader for all scripts.

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Renamed default ClassDirectoryBinary instances to {name}Classes

Renamed binaries and compile tasks for C++ plugin: - ExecutableBinary is named "${}Executable" - SharedLibraryBinary is named "${}SharedLibrary" - Compile task is named "${}" - Install task is named "install${}"

Merge pull request #153 from Vampire/master

add missing class to make the buildDashboard example working and fix software development plugins documentation

Reordered stories based on planned implementation order, and updated stories to consider this.

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Add story for making Test implement Reporting

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Delete story about moving reporting out of test task.

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More work on the distribution plugin chapter.

Fix documentation on where distribution contents are conventionally sourced from.

A couple of spec updates.

Fixed distribution plugin sample

Changed InProcessGradleExecuter to use the default log level if the test does not say anything about log level.

Changed the declared type for the buildsrc class loader.

Update spec to introduce a new task that produces test reports, so we can make the xml report configurable.

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Update spec to reflect that we do support intra JVM parallel test execution, just not for output events.

Collapsed some stories and refined some details.

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Add a note about supporting more build setup types in the future.

Fix the content hierarchy in this user guide chapter.

Be explicit about requiring an isolated gradle user home dir for this test.

Work on the distribution plugins docs.

Build with a recent nightly.

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Some minor cleanup of the DistributionPlugin internals.

Fixed javadoc comment.

Mark the --daemon and --no-daemon options as mutually exclusive.

Changed LoggingCommandLineConverter to set properties only if the appropriate command-line options are present, and mark the log level and stack trace options as mutually exclusive.

Removed (unused) feature that maps a command line option to a command, and added the ability to specify a group of mutually-exclusive command-line options.

Some minor edits to javadocs

Fixed typo.

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Added missing space to a few places in user guide.

Some generics